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Clothes are extreeeeeeeemely important on first impression. The truly do immediately give you some sense of the person. Perfect example: Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex & The City. I think most of us would consider her to be quite attractive. But, I'd argue that if she were in sweats and an ill-fitting t-shirt we wouldn't look twice. Her style is a BIG part of her attractiveness. I think many of the old Hollywood actors have the same thing going for them. It...
I have it. And it is SUPERB! Gisele is truly a modern goddess. RE: That edit. -- you should check modelhommes.com They have a huge collection of scans from magazine editorials.
Hey everyone, I was browzing through the "Mr. Clean" style guide on the menstyle website, and I saw these absurdly gorgeous shoes from Cloak. Problem: I simply don't have $600.00 to spend on a pair of shoes. My limit would be somewhere around $150-$200. Can one of you shoe connoisseurs could suggest a similar pair within my price range? Thanks in advance!
those first jeans, the Oni ones, i think. ---- they're absolutely gorgeous!!! what a wonderful colour!! sadly, i've got a 34" waist. but they're beautiful jeans anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster This is from the Press section of H&M's website, is this it? I'm in the same boat!! 6'2", thin(ish) @ around 180lbs, but i'm BROAD. so would a peacoat make me look even broader? i love the look of this H&M one. but their website is confusing as hell. does it have an "order online" option??
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk Yeah. I cannot even remember where I heard it but I have seen Bill Bailey, so it might have been him. It goes along the lines of a major event and Whitney has been brought in as the star, to get the thing going with a rousing singing performance. So she comes on and instead of getting straight into it she starts on a long rambling and boring speech, much to the annoyance of the crowd. In a very brief quiet pause...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk Does anyone know if the "sing bitch" story about her is actually true? LOL. and which story is that exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk Imagine Whitney Houston destroying her career and reputation by marrying an evil millionaire who has inflicted nothing but misery on western society for 25 years? oh..... wait. you betta preach!
that must've been the song that captured their hearts, non? i can just hear Saddam and Osama, chillin' out singing "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way...show them all the beauty they possess inside..." HA. Claawwwwwd Hammercy! I done heard it all.
BIN LADEN'S SEX SLAVE REVEALS WHITNEY OBSESSION OSAMA BIN LADEN once had the hots for WHITNEY HOUSTON, according to one of the Al Qaeda leader's former sex slaves. Sudanese writer KOLA BOOF, 37, claims she was intimate with Bin Laden years before he masterminded the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and in her autobiography, DIARY OF A LOST GIRL, she claims the world's most wanted man fantasised about pop star Houston. In her book, Boof alleges Bin Laden joked about killing...
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