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did you check
Another MAGNIFICENT pic of my favourite Supermodel: Karolina Kurkova -- taken @ this past year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Enjoy
I guess the thing that should clearly be mentioned is the definition of SUPERMODEL. If you are at all familiar with the fashion world, you should certainly know the names of Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Natalia Vodianova, etc. These are what I would call Top Models -- that is, they are the current creme de la creme of the high fashion models. These women make lots of money in advertising campaigns and on the runway. However, they are NOT Supermodels. Though the term...
sadly, i don't have a scanner. or i would be more than happy to do that. i think they must be online somewhere. i'd email one of the posters on the modelhommes forum. i don't know much about male models, so i don't recognize the guys, but i'm sure someone there certainly does -- someone there is probably a fan of the models used in that edit and has already or could scan the images. sorry again.
thanks mrchapel and mrmonty! haha. funny that the advice comes from two gentlemanly mr's. thanks for those links, mrchapel! i'll definitely have to check them out extensively when i get the chance. i seem to recall reading that name, "Allen Edmonds" in many threads here. they must be popular shoes! i think you're right as well, mr. monty. i should browze more throughout the forums on shoe topics before i buy my *first* pair of nice shoes. solid advice and sincerely...
ok... Thanks, but ...what are they? LOL. *sorry -- new to shoes* I'm gonna need the company names spelled out for me.
No offense, but I seriously doubt you're going to find someone on here who will pay that amount of money for Diesels -- especially ones that aren't BNWT. Best of luck, though.
Whether or not you all think Paris is sexy, the bottom line is that she shouldn't be in this thread as she's CERTAINLY not a Supermodel.
Clothes are extreeeeeeeemely important on first impression. The truly do immediately give you some sense of the person. Perfect example: Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex & The City. I think most of us would consider her to be quite attractive. But, I'd argue that if she were in sweats and an ill-fitting t-shirt we wouldn't look twice. Her style is a BIG part of her attractiveness. I think many of the old Hollywood actors have the same thing going for them. It...
I have it. And it is SUPERB! Gisele is truly a modern goddess. RE: That edit. -- you should check They have a huge collection of scans from magazine editorials.
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