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^^ And you would be quite right in your belief, LabelKing. I usually quite like Meisel, and that in particular was one of my favourite editorials he's done. I love androgyny (now, if only i could spell the bloody word)
do NOT use any of The Body Shop products on your face. their washes are full of strong fragrances and chemicals, and they will do you no good. it's truly worth it to spend the extra few dollars and get something incredible. and you're welcome! i'm glad i could help.
you're in Alpharetta? do you ever hear any wild Whitney/Bobby stories? i think she used to be the most gifted vocalist in popular music, but now obviously things have changed. she also used to be impossibly beautiful. i hope she's getting back on track and leaving her abusive husband.
Yeah, I went to the Galleria there and that's where they have a very small APC boutique. SOOOOOOOOOOO discouraging to read these posts!! i was hoping desperately that somewhere in Seoul there would be a little denim barn or something like that. what about in Hongdae? there are loads of people up there and the Koreans are always trying to be stylish -- surely there must be something. *la sigh* thanks for replying though, Alias! You too, Joe.
well, i am a total product whore when it comes to skincare. my bathroom is filled with face washes/toners/exfoliators/moisturizers/masks/serums/etc etc etc. all my friends think i'm insane, but my argument is that my skin is my first impression to the world. its my largest organ and its the one that is exposed to all the shit in the air and the sun and everything else. i don't wanna be looking like i'm 50 when i'm 50, savvy? sooooo, hermes -- i love Korres as well. but...
Hey everyone, I'm presently teaching English in South Korea and I've been trying to find a good quality denim store somewhere in Seoul or anywhere throughout Korea, really. It's been pretty difficult. There is an APC boutique in one of the department stores here, but it had literally about 4 pairs of jeans and none in my size (34"). Does anyone know a good place to buy here? Please HELP!!
this is my first post! YAAY! i joined on cause i have to find out more about denim. i need some new jeans! anyway, i was in Hong Kong at the beginning of May and i found a great little store there called "indu homme". great clothes and reasonably priced, plus they had a variety of different colours for each style.
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