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okay -- wait a sec, i'm a little confused. how many different pairs of jeans are you selling? i'd definitely be interested in 34" waist ones (if you're selling one). are their pics? can you give me some more details about them? price/style/etc etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan i'm gonna go old school on this one: Christy Turlington. -Jeff Christy is a legend. She has one of the most beautiful faces of all time.
My choices: Karolina Kurkova Gisele Bundchen Eva Herzigova Naomi Campbell
I literally JUST walked in the door from seeing it in IMAX 3D. It was absolutely breathtaking! I loved this movie so much! First, from all the promo pics I've seen of Brandon Routh, I had pre-concluded that he was made of plastic, and was set for disappointment in regards to him. However, he defied me and was absolutely 100% likeable and I dare say quite perfect for the role. In fact, part of me fell completely in love with Superman, so I'd say he played the role well....
honestly, this movie might be outdated and though i haven't read through the last 8 pages of this thread, i presume no one has mentioned it yet ---- BUT, personally, the movie which makes me laugh the hardest is "Pure Luck", starring Martin Short and Danny Glover. its a bloody riot of slapstick perfection!
awesome! thanks AdamG for starting this thread -- its pretty useful for me as well!
i like the first pair better. they've got a gorgeous colour to them.
thank you SO very much! you are a God!
Hey everyone, I'm completely new to the premium denim scene, but I'm very excited to get my first couple of pairs. Here's a bit about me -- I'm 6'2", 180lbs with a 34" waist. My style ... well I've only recently started to discover the style that I like. I prefer fitted clothes, soft materials, smooth lines, neutral colours. i only have 1 pair of jeans that i truly love, the rest are all old and i'll gladly throw them out as soon i get a couple of new...
wow. dizzhizz!! thanks so very much! ok. in what area of Seoul is Chung-Dam? what subway stop would it be? I'm actually in Suwon. i generally LOVE "modern amusement" -- my favourite sweater of all time is from them. i'm suddenly so excited! do they have sizes that might fit me? (6'2" 180lbs, 34" waist) and kilokore, i'm white folk from canada, teaching english here in Korea.
New Posts  All Forums: