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Oh God! I literally JUST posted a new thread about my intentions to visit South Asia, including Vietnam. I hadn't heard about this at all. *runs to check news sites*
Hey everyone, I'm leaving on Tuesday to do a trip through South Asia. I've got 54 days to travel, so there's plenty of time to see many things, I hope. I'm flying into Bangkok and I'll stay there for a few days, then move on. Ideally, I want to see all of Thailand, as well as what I can of Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. I've picked up the "Lonely Planet" guides just to see about dangers, fees, etc. But, if anyone has any advice for me on ANY of these...
Now come on, Faust. Play nice. Whitney's had a rough few years, but in her prime she was undeniably gorgeous.
Sexiest Lips ... Whitney Houston Karolina Kurkova Jeremy Dufour
is the white-ish J Crew sweater sold yet? Is it "itchy" wool or "soft" wool?
^^ THAT is hysterical!! I really hope someone buys it. Purely for creativity's sake. hahaa. I'm not sure where else to post this ... but I really just thought it was too funny to be missed. http://cgi.ebay.com/Original-Life-Ca...QQcmdZViewItem
^^ Oooooooh yeah I love me some Nia Long!! That's a beaauuutiful woman!
Well, Y'all are just crazy ... and blind! .... Karolina is my favourite model, but not my all-time favourite. That place is reserved for Tyra Banks. Here are some pics from the Emmy Awards. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... of course, my absolute favourite ever... TYRA! *from this year's Emmy Awards* Okay, Here are some more pics from the EMMY's. Honestly, I think she looks as gorgeous here as I've EVER seen her look. I am absolutely speechless and mesmorized by her...
wait now ... this is just too fast! haha. was the J. Crew jacket sold?
haha. well, glad you liked the vid. and lol @ "ten kinds of awesome". yes, her body is obviously astonishing. have you ever seen legs like in that pic above?? incredible. i understand that beauty is subjective. for example, i don't find Jennifer Connelly at all attractive, but she's certainly considered to be beautiful by many others. however, i simply cannot fathom how you could think KK's face doesn't photograph well. (perhaps i'm just too smitten and thus biased)....
New Posts  All Forums: