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Now come on, Faust. Play nice. Whitney's had a rough few years, but in her prime she was undeniably gorgeous.
Sexiest Lips ... Whitney Houston Karolina Kurkova Jeremy Dufour
is the white-ish J Crew sweater sold yet? Is it "itchy" wool or "soft" wool?
^^ THAT is hysterical!! I really hope someone buys it. Purely for creativity's sake. hahaa. I'm not sure where else to post this ... but I really just thought it was too funny to be missed.
^^ Oooooooh yeah I love me some Nia Long!! That's a beaauuutiful woman!
Well, Y'all are just crazy ... and blind! .... Karolina is my favourite model, but not my all-time favourite. That place is reserved for Tyra Banks. Here are some pics from the Emmy Awards. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... of course, my absolute favourite ever... TYRA! *from this year's Emmy Awards* Okay, Here are some more pics from the EMMY's. Honestly, I think she looks as gorgeous here as I've EVER seen her look. I am absolutely speechless and mesmorized by her...
wait now ... this is just too fast! haha. was the J. Crew jacket sold?
haha. well, glad you liked the vid. and lol @ "ten kinds of awesome". yes, her body is obviously astonishing. have you ever seen legs like in that pic above?? incredible. i understand that beauty is subjective. for example, i don't find Jennifer Connelly at all attractive, but she's certainly considered to be beautiful by many others. however, i simply cannot fathom how you could think KK's face doesn't photograph well. (perhaps i'm just too smitten and thus biased)....
What about "harrison" cashmere? I just bought a sweater from them from Bluefly, but since I'm in Korea and it's hot as Hell at the moment, I haven't had a chance to wear it (save from waltzing around my apartment). It's surely comfortable, but will it wear well? Also -- when you suggest washing it with a "gentle shampoo" -- do you literally mean SHAMPOO? Like what I'd use in my hair?
*Thanks* I think that Dorian Leigh, along with Suzy Parker and many of those models from times gone by are of a different ilk. They were very much well-known within the aristocratic circles and amongst people within the fashion/entertainment industry. Suzy Parker had a life-long (working) relationship with Richard Avedon and, if I remember correctly, there was even a large profile of her in Vanity Fair a few months ago. Anyway, here is a wonderful video of a...
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