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Quote: Originally Posted by dopey That is the kind of frame I like, though I can't see the point of a fixed gear on it. me neither, it would be great with touring gears, but it is on the "hip" single speed frenzy anyway it is indeed beautiful
I see you guys like the retro stuff what about a retro-hipster but well done ? You'd look great on a trench coat a hat and this bike....
Quote: Originally Posted by jkw Remember, you can get disc brakes on a cyclox, and trus me those make a hell of a difference. You can also get by with 28c tires, for most uses, including your dirt trail, as long as it isnt loose. 32cs might be useful, but either way, as long as it has a bit of knobbliness, you should be fine Edit, that's a sexy bike lake wolf... I'm very jealous it's actually jaw droppingly beautiful Here are some of...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Ummm... male chauvinism FTW? No, just an onservation of reality. After having been most of the time surrounded by attractive women. I have two sisters, one older, one younger, so my home was allways full of girls and I have seen them grow up and make their choices. My older sister is an intelligent woman and attractive. She droped the university ( she was doing engineering ) to get married...
that is an oxymoron. When I woman is attractive she doesn't need the intellect to get what she wants, and they realize this quite early. So most of them chose not to develop their intellect. sad but true. Exceptions exist and I have had the joy of working with 2 very atractive and intelligent women.
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud Watch it, the whole thing. Than go through an episode of depression because you spent your free time commenting on poorly fit suits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19zFlPah-o cool video ! who says I am here on my free time ? I am here when I am chained to my desk at the office... after hours I am on my road bike ( or my skis on winter )
that asshole killed all those beautiful russian girls
Quote: Originally Posted by jkw Sorry, I'm rushing out and don't have time for a complete post, but i think a CYCLOCROSS bike would suit all your needs. Drop bars, almost roadbike, but with a much more forgiving riding position and tires that will be able to take you off the road. If you intend to do downhill mountain biking, then disregard, otherwise... If you want only one bike, to do the road, commute and eventually go off road on...
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Isn't she like 50 years too young for you? LAWLS
Quote: Originally Posted by j You serious? They look exactly the same to me. +1
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