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Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit This is the same girl, right? . . . would crush. seconded
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Some nice pics from the final performance. Looks like a great show !!!! However, they should leave the old one in the middle out of the chorus line....
Thumbs up Foo, excellent work here, technical and sartorial. Keep the good work
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Statistically, I am 50% Tanq 10, 25% Hendricks, and 25% Martin Millers. I've been self-embalmed for many years now...like an animated mummy. - B I thought "sarcasm" was a concept invented by the Brits so you could talk as a total asshole and still be taken as a Gentleman ?
It's because some dumb people want to download HD quality TV from youtube, they are congesting the tubes......
Quote: Originally Posted by otc I'm glad you appreciate all of the hard work I put into designing them I though it was the genius work of Eric Glennie
White ( or much better slightly off-white ) suit, is a full summer suit So I wear it with colorful open collared shirts ( solid colors though, not hawaian type, even that could also work ) and canvas oxfords, very light brown shoes, or spectators. It is a suit I only wear to partys and informal gatherings though, more like a costume or an exageration of the summer spirit. Never for business. unless you are a health care profesional.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Done. Here is a closeup of the brakes, but I am really showing it for, again, the lugs. This frame should be similar to mine: And this is from a slightly different run and with a different setup: really nice, Do you do loaded touring dopey ? or it is only for commuting.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc I think they are just trying to recommend you buy the new CrocsxUggsxSIDI collab for your comfortable winter biking needs. EDIT: oh sure mods...delete the spam posts so that they no longer provide context for my joke Those are the most ridiculous bike shoes I've seen in my life
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