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I think Jay-Z's music would be great if his monotone cacophonic voice could be removed from it.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt No, I don't polish my shoes. Matt wears them once and then throw them away when they lose their new shine.
Ibp !!!1
she ?
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon alas, a result of the productivity paradoxon in information technology. win! actually no. The latest technology enable software to do much more and much easier than before. But obviously it needs more resources. I programed PCs on C back then on windows 3.1, the machines were quick enough for low level programs and even MS Office, ran ok on a PC with 128MB de RAM and a small and slow hard disk. ...
1. Windows is doing more shit at the same time than before 2. RAM is cheap nowadays
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer lakewolf, I agree I love Windows 7. Yes I am having some compatibility issues but the list of programs is small and I am dual booting to Win XP to compensate. I will say that I expected Windows Media Center to play Blu-Ray DVDs but was surprised to see that it did not. No big deal, as I will be buying an app so I can play Blu-Ray on my PC. Maybe you need only to buy a decoder because the decoder was...
I also like the Libraries functionallity integrated with the Windows Explorer, so you can use your media on WMP or the WMC or even other media players in case you need.
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