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Coho ?
I used to watch Conan on the Late Night show on CNBC and I allways liked him much better than Leno, even though his kind of humour wasn't probably suited for an earlier timeslot. I don't get the CNBC Network at home since I moved to Zürich more than 2 years ago, so I haven't been able to watch him on the Tonight show. How was the show in terms of quality ? are there links on the web to something of it to watch ?
Howard Hughes used to pee in bottles, OCD about microbes and Hypocondria. Jacko had also OCD and Hypocondria. But also notice that He is suspected to be a gay child molester He hated his father and said he made his plastic transformation to not look like him Child molesters usually have been molested when a child and are just repeating the pattern....
the site will be faster when j cleans up a bit the server room...
Is your avatar an african male or female ?
would hit
has Mozart or Chopin put out a new CD recently ?
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Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon double the price and you dont need another computer at all .. yes but that is a big one... the mininotebook is small and light and has full windows 7 functionality, 1GB RAM, 160GB disk, Ram Card Readers, video camera for less than $400.- For example the HP Compaq CQ-10 only $259
what about the new mininotebooks ? A HP one cost ~$400
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