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It is close enough to not make me break a sweat (even though there is some little climb at the beginning ). walking is possible for sure, but It takes me 12-15 minutes to walk and only 3-5 to bike ( each way), I prefer to go by bike and like that I can go home for the 1 hour lunch break, I'd loose half of the time walking. the only problem of leaving my suit jacket at work is that I'd have to wear the same everyday which is not good. I could maybe bring the jacket on...
I started a new Job position on a bank close home. I am a cyclist and the office is only 10 blocks away which is too close to go by car or bus and a bit far to walk. So a bicycle is perfect for my daily commute. However I have to go to work on suit and tie and my bikes have all a sportive setup ( low handlebars ) so I have a bit of a problem when I ride on a suit jacket, the jacket would need more room at the back to allow me the right position. On the other hand I...
PZ linen 3 pieces suit -------------------------- Shoulders : 18 3/4" Widest point under the armpits 22" Widest point middle button 20" Sleeve lenght 25 1/2" Total lenght from seam under collar 31" Trousers waist 35" Trousers inseam 33 1/2" I'll add another NWOT EUR 50 beige pinstripe suit 100% cotton Beautiful beige with cream pinstripes 2 vents, full canvas, flat front trousers, half lined, 100% cotton trousers hemmed to 31", tags removed, never worn $260...
Several Pal Zileri white label, full canvas construction, all of them New with Tags NWT for sale EUR 50 houndstooth jacket 100% wool 2 buttons, 2 vents The right color for all your brown and orange trousers $170 shipped EUR 50 Bamboo Jacket Fresh jacket, organic, orangish red, great with your khakis and summer pants $170 shipped EUR 50 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane Jacket Cream, half lined, working sleeve buttons, fresh $170 shipped EUR 50 white pinstripe 100% linen...
RJ you got my solidarity. I wish you well with your decision and be your life full of joy and free of these Interwebz BS. I really can't measure how a loser a guy can be to harass someone for differences of opinions on a clothing forum. Incredible.
The boy is from Indiana. Probably Kwilk ?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I hear stories of guys taking girls out, spending lots of money on them with dinner, etc. and not getting a blowjob. Now that is a real problem. eh, G33k !
A real socialist prez is what America needs.
So this is the reason why DT has been so boring lately... you lot are starting all the Dum threaks over here
Nice selection of gay items RJ ! free bump
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