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Hello,if you are asking about the last jacket, it is purple and brownhere a picture
Here are the measurements and details for all Items. Linen Jacket 100% Linen sleeves are prepared for buttoning ( buttons are just sewn over but can easily be made buttoning sleeves ) unlined fresh material full canvas Shoulder to Shoulder 47 cm Sleeve length 66.30 cm Armpit to Armpit 52.5 cm back length including collar 80 cm back length excluding collar 77 cm Bamboo Jacket 100% Bamboo full canvas Super Fresh Material, better than linen. Shoulder to Shoulder 48.5...
That is a beautiful Jacket50% wool50% linensoft shoulderssleeves are prepared for buttoning ( buttons are just sewn over but can easily be made buttoning sleeves )half linedfresh materialsfull canvasShoulder to Shoulder 47cmSleeve length 64.5cmArmpit to Armpit 55cmback length including collar 80.7back length excluding collar 77.2Regards
Price includes shipping worldwide. Full Canvas italian summer Suits, Details at the pictures B]Linen Suit[/B] 100% Linen 3 Pieces, included a Vest full canvas Shoulder to Shoulder 48.2 cm Sleeve length 64.5 cm Armpit to Armpit 55.5 cm back length including collar 81.5 cm back length excluding collar 78.5 cm Trousers 88cm waist Trousers factory hemmed to 85cm but the full 95 cm inseam length is there The Sartoria Partenopea Suit was prepared for use ( trousers...
Price includes shipping worldwide. Full Canvas made in Italy Summer Jackets Details at the pictures payment with Paypal
I am happy to announce that I am back to wear my nice clothes on a daily basis. I started career in banking, I am an engineer though and worked for IT/Telecoms, but made career quickly and was promoted to assistant to a Managing Director when I was 24. He mentored me and teached me about the business, but also about how to conduct yourself on high level management on a large bank on both the profesional and personal levels which included off course, proper attire. He...
what happened to us ? we got bored about discussing the same subjects again and again ( clothing is not a so wide subject ) and we migrated to DT. now the posting level over here has went to the DT level so it could induce us to come back
I'm not talking about a racing bike here with 3" saddle to bars drop .... more a light touring bike but that one has still some drop and road handlebars but has chain protectors and fenders etc. I'm already doing it now, but my jackets are suffering. I'll go the alternative wardbrobe option for the moment, on a cycling jacket and carrying the suit jacket on the bag... anyway I am interested in options and experiences.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS That jacket is bad ass. I mean, really well thought out. Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy Yeah: +1. I could really do without the rapha pink, though. did you notice the back pocket detail ? truly thought by cyclists for cyclists
Quote: Originally Posted by Daddy-O I have commuted by bike for years (back when only grumpy guys with beards did it). Rapha makes incredible bicycling clothes and you pay for it. But I recommend a closet at work with jackets and suits that you can change into. You never know what you will run into or over on a ride, and it pays to have clean clothes at work. Keep riding, and remember that the biggest drawback from bike commuting are the endorphins....
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