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Quote: Originally Posted by Mike Tyson I want get a pair of classic ray ban 3025 aviators and I noticed ebay is full of them for like one third of the price which I assume are counterfeit. What is the quality of these fakes? should I stick to the authentics ones? That's what I was afraid of too! Btw I don't like the way original 3025s are just so flat. They're at 90 degree angles. I like the wrap shape of the 3293
Just a different style. Aviators have thin arms, big flat teardropped lenses.. I prefer only the wrap styles.. here are some navigators bigger frames, smaller lenses than aviators RB3025 is the classic But these all come up for navigator
You kind of picked up on a breadcrum and made it dinner. I really don't care about the lane change thing. There are so many other times that right on redders piss me off
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti You're such a fucking retard; I need to go smoke a cigarette to calm myself down. god I'm glad I don't take the internet seriously. Thank god.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I hate 'no right on red' lights with an undying passion. At 4 am, and you're the only traffic waiting 45 seconds to a minute for a light to change is ridiculous. Like I said, it's a good idea in theory. Hell being able to run any red light when no one is there is a good idea. But way too many idiots make it dangerous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kookz But you are as much in the wrong as someone turning in front of you (if you didn't change lanes approaching the intersection. If you did, you're more in the wrong). It's very much the point though. You started a thread to complain about other drivers, when you yourself are the one in the wrong in half of your examples. Where's the thread about people who change lanes at intersections? That was only a...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Jean shorts only work on some body types. OP, from what I recall, you're pretty short and husky. I imagine you might end up looking like a pro wrestling fan if you were to rock the jean shorts. Good to know. It's probably true.
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang +1 , OP's moronism is matched by some of the replies in this thread ... What crawled up your ass that you have to make random insults like that? Seriously I have no such inclination to randomly insult people like that.
I don't click on 99% of threads because they simply don't interest me. It's not fair that you say I shouldn't make topics because they don't interest YOU. I've learned better than to argue this point though so any further comments about how I make too many threads YOU don't like or how it inconveniences you that YOUR topic is pushed off the front page will be ignored. No need to argue or start a flamewar when all I want is to discuss style and clothing and accessories.
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 In California... Vehicle Code 21658(a) states "(a) A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practical entirely within a single lane and shall not be moved from the lane until such movement can be made with reasonable safety. " You can get a ticket for an "unsafe lane change" if doing so in the intersection. It is really dangerous to switch lanes in the middle of an intersection so if you're doing this from the middle...
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