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Price drop!!
price drop
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price drop
Price drop
Excellent condition RLBL 40R Black St Anthony 2 Button in Black color. I previously bought on here and now time to sell (only worn a few times) to make room for my RLBL suit for my WEDDING!! 100% Gabardine weave wool (see last pic for weave details) 100% cupro lining with white pin stripe sleeve lining 2 Button (appears to be silver plated with a semi-patina) closure and 4 "silver" buttons on sleeve Outstanding condition!! MEASUREMENTS Sleeve approx 25.25"...
D*MN.. .why do you have to be 42R.... ARGGH!
Looking for RLBL 40R Drop7 (preferably St Anthony) 2 button charcoal/medium gray or any shades of gray really. I am getting MARRIED in August and its time to retire my terrible Macy's suit. Can anyone help me out? Previously sold ties on here a while ag and hoping SF can hook me up this time! Looking around $600 or so price range? Willing to negotiate for the right fitting suit. Like this without the...
My Tumi cardholder is finally breaking away at the part where the clear window is at. Last time I used a clear plastic piece in a wallet I am looking for the most simple black or darker grey (preferred) Valextra card holder (double sided) or similar styles to the ones in the photos. I wanted the subtle textured leather (see burgundy cardholder leather) in the photos (similar to taiga Louis Vuitton leather of which I sold a card holder a few years ago and regret it since...
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