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3 are riders, 1 is not.
Sold mine too! For me it was also close. First TOJ, not sized for layering/stacking ... oh well. Waiting on 4 more jackets.
Nanamica Gore-Tex Field Jacket ( Navy ) Size "M"
Crap. I take that back.
Calf MDR from last year. Worn for almost three months, stashed for 6 months ... feel like I have to break it in all over again... Trying to get as much wear out of it before reinforcements arrive
No they didn't. They got the bulk of the 50-50% calls for most of the game.
Ma-nu! Ma-nu! Ma-nu!
Green is on some Down Down Up Up Left Right Left Right Y B X A Shit. Every time the Heat tried to make a run it was ended by a whistle or half court swish by Green. Demoralizing. You can see the media salivating, before the Spurs even get to raise that trophy, ESPN will be providing ad nauseum coverage of the impending breakup of the Heatles. What's next? A blowout in Miami? Come on this is starting to look scripted.
Yes. Forgot to mention that.Have fun struggling with your decisions.
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