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No they didn't. They got the bulk of the 50-50% calls for most of the game.
Ma-nu! Ma-nu! Ma-nu!
Green is on some Down Down Up Up Left Right Left Right Y B X A Shit. Every time the Heat tried to make a run it was ended by a whistle or half court swish by Green. Demoralizing. You can see the media salivating, before the Spurs even get to raise that trophy, ESPN will be providing ad nauseum coverage of the impending breakup of the Heatles. What's next? A blowout in Miami? Come on this is starting to look scripted.
Yes. Forgot to mention that.Have fun struggling with your decisions.
Another TOJ Bag. Missed delivery and my car was in the shop, they stopped by today and gave me this loaner 740iL from 19?? so I could finally drop Ni No Kuni and go out and do stuff. When I chose which bag I wanted, I thought I had timed the process perfectly, but ended up missing my 34th b-day by a hair. I thought I was 100% sure I'd go for a Charly special MA-1, but for some reason switched to the one to rule them all at the last minute ( here I am referring to the...
Such a masterful performance from LBJ. Most of it won't show up in the box score. One of his best performances ever imo. LMAO @ Tony Parker hitting the deck at every opportunity. Also wonder how things will turn out once they start calling moving screens on Tim Duncan
If you can wait for another two weeks or so, I'd be happy to share some insight
Oklahoma Fashion Week.
Grizzlies... way to steal defeat from the clutches of victory
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