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Wearing them almost nonstop since they arrived last week
Yeah... like I needed that much convincing Damn... this is prob the first brand where I can honestly say I'd buy the whole wardrobe if I could afford it...Thanks for the proxy feedback, I just checked the list of retailers in the first post and found one closer to home
Does anyone here own one of these hoodies, or the crewnecks of similar fabric? Have to swoop for one, just want to make sure there's a significant upgrade in quality over J.Crew etc.. also, have to order from Canada, as most U.S. retailers are out in my size... which, ahem, I think is "L"...? 6,0 175lb 39 chest, 18.5 shoulders, 26 sleeves, 34 waist...
Ran 5 today
Loving mine. Never been a 'boot" person, but these were surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. perhaps could have been a touch lighter in color but they'll look better with age. Prob not my first choice but the more expensive options were too dressy for my college campus I think... plus, it doesn't get any more manly than this... I doubt the makers ( Chippewa ) had any idea how good these would be... probably a fluke U.S. made product
How many 666 OD jeans in Size 34 did you get? 3 ?
5 miles
5 today... good pace w/ happy ending (uphill sprint)
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