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5 for me...
^^^ Those J.Crews look good Ordered engineer boots...
5 today
RLY? Do they fit like chick jeans?
I take a 200mg pill 40~45 minutes before.....higher heart rate + force any bowel movement to happen before the run...5 miles
5 again
5 ... laces came undone on my left shoe... spent the bulk of the run debating whether to stop and start over ...
5 today
Thinking of purchasing a boot in the coming days... torn between Katahdin Iron Works, Red Wing ( J Crew ) Beckman, Red Wing Chukka, and Lifestyle Moc... Worn a couple of days a week, lots of commuting/walking around campus so comfort is equally as import as aesthetics... partial to a distressed kind of brown that can go well with rlue as well as black denim ...not the yellowish sort of brown, which is too attention-grabbing IMO ... I'm in the South so winters are pretty...
New Posts  All Forums: