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Does anyone here own one of these hoodies, or the crewnecks of similar fabric? Have to swoop for one, just want to make sure there's a significant upgrade in quality over J.Crew etc.. also, have to order from Canada, as most U.S. retailers are out in my size... which, ahem, I think is "L"...? 6,0 175lb 39 chest, 18.5 shoulders, 26 sleeves, 34 waist...
Ran 5 today
Loving mine. Never been a 'boot" person, but these were surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. perhaps could have been a touch lighter in color but they'll look better with age. Prob not my first choice but the more expensive options were too dressy for my college campus I think... plus, it doesn't get any more manly than this... I doubt the makers ( Chippewa ) had any idea how good these would be... probably a fluke U.S. made product
How many 666 OD jeans in Size 34 did you get? 3 ?
5 miles
5 today... good pace w/ happy ending (uphill sprint)
I didn't size down... 10 in chucks, 10.5 in mizuno 9.5 in jack Purcell, went with 10D engineer boots...hope I sized right... Placed the order Saturday, already got a tracking number... that's some newegg-esque shit
5 for me...
^^^ Those J.Crews look good Ordered engineer boots...
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