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Wow. Gripping stuff...
5 today
^10k in 34:40 ...wow! Anyway, I'm the opposite, for me the first 3 miles are usually shitty. 5 miles today after a 2 week hiatus ... due to midterms... and the disappointment of earning crappy/mediocre grades across the board...
My hoodies arrived... fit is on point, and they're definitely warm enough for Southern winters...
^^Thinking of getting the S003JP have a couple of questions; True waist is about 34.5, and ideally, I'd like the upper thigh to be about 11.75-12.25 inches post soak Should I get the 33 or 34? This taking into account all the stretching that will take place after a month or so of wear? Also, why no love for this cut? S710 gets all the attention ....
5 today
Wearing them almost nonstop since they arrived last week
Yeah... like I needed that much convincing Damn... this is prob the first brand where I can honestly say I'd buy the whole wardrobe if I could afford it...Thanks for the proxy feedback, I just checked the list of retailers in the first post and found one closer to home
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