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6 miles
I just got the grey sweatpants from amrag to match my wine hoodie.Wouldn't kop wine sweatpants even if they'd been on sale and cost $50.
Can you post reverse flannel fit pics?Or just anyone here, fir pics of the L/S plaid/flannel / od shirts would be nice ....
I got the wine hoodie, and reversible grey/blackwine is built better, reversible is kinda slouchy fittingEvery day I get up and I instinctively go and look for it...lol we're inseparable, almost
thanks ...saved me a lot of trouble
Usually wear plain Tees... need some advice 1) Gitman Double Weight yarn Dyed Oxford 2) Wings + Horns Reverse Flannel 3) Epaulet Buttondown Collar Grey Flannel Also... Any ideas on slim fit chinos.... Epaulet vs. Wing + Horns ... or any other ones in the same price range...?
Any amrag codes?
What's the best place to kop W+H sweatpants atm? Regretting my reversible hoodie purchase...
Anyone know where I can pick up one of these in M?
6 miles
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