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5 today
Thinking of purchasing a boot in the coming days... torn between Katahdin Iron Works, Red Wing ( J Crew ) Beckman, Red Wing Chukka, and Lifestyle Moc... Worn a couple of days a week, lots of commuting/walking around campus so comfort is equally as import as aesthetics... partial to a distressed kind of brown that can go well with rlue as well as black denim ...not the yellowish sort of brown, which is too attention-grabbing IMO ... I'm in the South so winters are pretty...
6'1 179.6
5 miles
5 for me
5.05 for me
5 miles today
They're already sized down two from [ actual waist 17.25 ]... Fit in the seat is great, and they're so lightweight and wearable... They have lots of character, and I can't wait for the fades...but I have my eyes on something equally as slim yet comfortable up top and much more tapered below... Thanks for the feedback folks
... problem is calves are somewhat disproportionate. Just like thighs...hip bones ...poster child fr disproportionate and squatting doesn't help. I want more form fitting, especially from the knee down without being like a second skin and exposing curves..Width across calves is about 7.5 ... that's what I want the leg opening to be...I don't wear this type of ensemble, I was chilling in sleepwear then randomly decided to throw on any footwear I could find, grab the tripod...
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