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Cassano is out for the rest of the season.El Sharaawy probably isn't ready to perform @ Diavolo level yet ... needs more playing time to develop but his only chance of getting that right now is by going out on loan...Tevez is a good fit, Pato's been having chronic muscular problems and Robinho lacks composure in front of goal...We were interested in Tevez when he was still at Boca.. a side that defeated us in the Club World Championship ...I don't know how so many bad boys...
If anyone's looking to offload medium henleys ( not the thermal ) ... and especially the wine, please PM. Also, anyone unhappy with a medium reverse flannel ... I'm probably listing my Large reversible hoodie... worn about 5 ~ 6 times...
Confused... I'm a 10 in chucks... kopped a 10.5 in w+ h .... should I ask them to change to 10?
kopped the last 10.5 ... not really a big fan of black sneakers but at that price ...dayum ....need to stay away from this thread for a couple of days
...maybe I'll post a profile pic next time
.please disregard
6 miles
I just got the grey sweatpants from amrag to match my wine hoodie.Wouldn't kop wine sweatpants even if they'd been on sale and cost $50.
Can you post reverse flannel fit pics?Or just anyone here, fir pics of the L/S plaid/flannel / od shirts would be nice ....
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