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6 miles.
Waist: 36 Front Rise: 11 Back Rise: 15 Upper Thigh : 12 Inseam : 35 Forgot... trying to cram for a Physics final on Monday
6'0 ~ 6'1
You Sir, have a way with words...
Wow that seems like a lot of sizing down fellas... Even by A.P.C. standards
Which A.P.C cut is closest to [ post stretch ]...? Waist : 34.5 ~ 35 Rise: 10.25 ~11.0 Upper Thigh: 11.75 ~ 12 Knee: 8.25 Leg Opening: 7.75 ~ 8 I'm thinking P.S. Size 32... Tried doing research...there seems to be a wide variety of measurements... not to mention the "fake" ones on Context Either that, or Weird Guy Solid Black 32. TIA
Bought new from Blackbird just over a month ago. Don't like the fit. Barely wear it, since I prefer the wine colored one.
7/10 condition.
It's too big for me now. It doesn't get cold enough here in the South, I just wear hoodies around campus.
Purchased from BiG in NY, a few months ago... One Wash. These haven't started fading yet, they've seen very limited wear as I lost weight and looked for slimmer options.
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