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Salvation Army.
whurr to kop?
Yeah it does... but the charcoal one isn't as bad IMO
Can't tell if that's the case... or if people just didn't size right
Six of the best
I bet it is. Probably one the highlights of the whole F/W 2011...But that kind of garment is usually associated with the older crowd The bomber looks a bit meh, and busy ... but I'd be buying primarily for fit as W + H are one of the few brands that cater to slim/athletic types ...Don't want anyone to take it the wrong way .. but some of the quick and dirty bathroom mirror smartphone fit pics aren't much help... neither are those giraffe-like 6'3 model types on the retail...
Can't decide between the duffle sweater and the bomber jacket... I'll probably have to flip a coin when I get up
6.0 miles
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