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One of the earlier posts in the thread, I think by jet... 39' chest ~ Small Stark ... I thought it was misleading info, even with the inevitable stretch accounted for...
Skin, hair color etc also have a lot to do with it
decent haul...
Sales? I wasn't willing to wait... you know, not with all these ruthless, speculator types kopping everything in normal sizes with the intent to flip
Wanted to get the bomber or duffle sweater but opted for a s.n.s herning knit instead ... Suddenly this brand isn't so appealing from a value perspective... Perhaps at a heavy discount, but so far the U.S. based retailers aren't budging ... stingy mofos...
Some bloke suggested an S since I have a 39 chest, 6'1", 175 lb ... But I went with M... I'll probably kop two more knits
Ordered a stark from TBS... can't wait Hope I sized right.
6 miles
5.5 miles ...
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