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whoever got that last Gitman Washed Chambray Black "M" ... , from TBS ... fuck you
Norris Cole for MVP Let's Go Heat.
You're right.....anyway, seems like I missed out on most of the basics this year ...
If you mean this, it seems a bit dressier... but thanks anyway.
Any suggestions for beater white oxford button-downs... ? I dropped the ball...
+1Thanks for posting fit pics though sciphiyem
One of the earlier posts in the thread, I think by jet... 39' chest ~ Small Stark ... I thought it was misleading info, even with the inevitable stretch accounted for...
Skin, hair color etc also have a lot to do with it
decent haul...
Sales? I wasn't willing to wait... you know, not with all these ruthless, speculator types kopping everything in normal sizes with the intent to flip
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