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I'm almost the same dimensions, returned an "M" because it fit too well. I think sweat pants are supposed to be somewhat baggy, unless you're gay.
6 miles ... treadmill, inclined 10% ..still battling cold symptoms... thought of quitting first at the 4 mile mark, then 5 Somehow convinced myself to continue, told myself if I didn't finish I'd go into no kop mode for 30 days
some things don't change... but for large stretches they looked like they were playing a pickup game
^ Heat played like crap IMO ... they were just trying to humiliate the Celtics in their home opener and it almost backfired... so much for the new, improved, humble Heat lol Norris Cole continues to impress... Bosh probably feeling butthurt getting outplayed by a rookie smh
Went to the mall, wasn't expecting to find anything... walked into Zara and decided to try on one 'tailored fit' shirt that just happened to be in my size... fit was amazing for OTR, but it's Made in China... I liked the Club Monaco stuff but wish the sleeves on their Medium shirts were 2 inches longer... kopped:p
whoever got that last Gitman Washed Chambray Black "M" ... , from TBS ... fuck you
Norris Cole for MVP Let's Go Heat.
You're right.....anyway, seems like I missed out on most of the basics this year ...
If you mean this, it seems a bit dressier... but thanks anyway.
Any suggestions for beater white oxford button-downs... ? I dropped the ball...
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