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6 miles
EG SNS Herning W + H
Wine Hoodie FTW.
6 miles today
Doubt anything I get at this stage is returnable... what is the sleeve length, from shoulder on a medium sized parka... I need about 23.75" ~ 24 ...?
Is the Field Parka in M available anywhere?
6 miles
ThanksTiger Fleece Hoodie - Wine 10/10 [perfect]Reversible Hoodie Charcoal/Black - 7/10 [perhaps should have sized down, too slouchy]Black Leather Hi-tops - 8/10 [for $180, I forced myself to like them]Duffle Sweater - N/A [kopped S.N.S. instead]Bomber Jacket - N/A [agonized over it ......
Please post fit pics... on the fence...+ ppl, gave the cut a thumbs down earlier in the thread... don't know if it was just their bad luck that the cut didn't work out, or ...
New Posts  All Forums: