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Please post fit pics... on the fence...+ ppl, gave the cut a thumbs down earlier in the thread... don't know if it was just their bad luck that the cut didn't work out, or ...
Just checked my Mr. Porter wishlist, an S.N.S. fisherman's knit that was sold out in my size after being marked down 50% just re-appeared ...
^ wicket keeper 6 miles today
No, it's not just you.
Hey what's the verdict on ssense.com?
Two fantastic, maybe somewhat fortuitous, back-to-back wins by the Heat... against young teams in Charlotte and Minnesota playing like their lives depended on it...
I'm almost the same dimensions, returned an "M" because it fit too well. I think sweat pants are supposed to be somewhat baggy, unless you're gay.
6 miles ... treadmill, inclined 10% ..still battling cold symptoms... thought of quitting first at the 4 mile mark, then 5 Somehow convinced myself to continue, told myself if I didn't finish I'd go into no kop mode for 30 days
some things don't change... but for large stretches they looked like they were playing a pickup game
^ Heat played like crap IMO ... they were just trying to humiliate the Celtics in their home opener and it almost backfired... so much for the new, improved, humble Heat lol Norris Cole continues to impress... Bosh probably feeling butthurt getting outplayed by a rookie smh
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