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Reverse flannel button down shirts... should I do it?
^ Those sound great with Rotel gear...
Bad loss for the Heat, for the second night in a row against teams that they should be blowing out. Anyway, for this team regular season doesn't mean squat... they need to step up in the postseason but late game decision making is still a concern. LeBron needs to take it strong to the hoop and finish with contact instead of settling for jumpers. Bad free throw shooting too, but I guess the only positive is that they are still tough to beat, games go down to the wire even...
Ordered from them... at least I thought I did... until I received an email from them saying the items were no longer available
Anyone know where I can kop the dark grey heavy weight shirts in Size "M" at a reasonable price? Charcoal/Dark Chambray too...
6 miles
6 miles
In green?You must be some pale skinned, redhead dude
Mine's Burgundy
BTW, what color was that turtleneck?
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