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^^ Great deal.I picked up the last Yuketen Johnson Boot.
Not without its faults [ which you have to be an asshole to complain about ], but very enjoyable flick that doesn't take itself too seriously & really not deserving of microscopic over-analysis
I've seen a lot of them. Not even going back as far as Sacchi and Cappello... Carletto's teams.With this lot you have absolutely no idea what to expect. Going down 3-0 to Lecce, only to come back and win... Maybe we don't value domestic silverware as much as Juve or Inter ... it's not in our D.N.A. BTW I hope Sneijder gets bought by some premier league team. Sucks we don't have a real fantasista anymore ... we've had Boban, Kaka, Pirlo, Rui Costa just to name a few... Boa...
....can't remember the last time that a fan got this excited about getting within 6 points of the top of the table.... Good luck qualifying for next year's Champion's League.
Their emergence on the scene has coincided with a sharp decline in tech spending for me... sorry newegg And yeah, full retail pretty much, otherwise it's gone before you blink
[ self censorship ]
Dream on buddy.If Arsenal win, I'll go goth ninja But I have to admit, this is one of the most dysfunctional, inconsistent, unpredictable Rossoneri teams I've seen....Ah the good old days...
49ers blasting YMCA in the locker room right now.
excellent game
So was the block on Sproles' TD
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