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Yeah... not so long ago I was waiting for a WD Caviar Green 2TB to go from $69 to $59... I have one Dell 30", and two 20" in portrait mode ... 5760 x 1600 For monitors I'd say check out for recommendations on a 23" or 24" 1920 x 1080
@andrewgreg You just raped Mr. Porter, how about a fit pic?
Actual measurents ... ?
^^ Snobbery.
^^ Great deal.I picked up the last Yuketen Johnson Boot.
Not without its faults [ which you have to be an asshole to complain about ], but very enjoyable flick that doesn't take itself too seriously & really not deserving of microscopic over-analysis
I've seen a lot of them. Not even going back as far as Sacchi and Cappello... Carletto's teams.With this lot you have absolutely no idea what to expect. Going down 3-0 to Lecce, only to come back and win... Maybe we don't value domestic silverware as much as Juve or Inter ... it's not in our D.N.A. BTW I hope Sneijder gets bought by some premier league team. Sucks we don't have a real fantasista anymore ... we've had Boban, Kaka, Pirlo, Rui Costa just to name a few... Boa...
....can't remember the last time that a fan got this excited about getting within 6 points of the top of the table.... Good luck qualifying for next year's Champion's League.
Their emergence on the scene has coincided with a sharp decline in tech spending for me... sorry newegg And yeah, full retail pretty much, otherwise it's gone before you blink
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