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Lance Stephenson ... Bobcats for $9/year , really? He should have received at least 12 like Lowry ... no? Oh, that locker room cancer thing ... still worth the risk IMO Indy will miss him
grow the fuck up
Feel sorry for Houston the way everything panned out. For a second there, they looked like they were building a juggernaut with Bosh and Howard. Melo to Bulls would have been perfect, but I guess he heard about Thibodeau's practices and that was that.
Right here!Hopefully we go back to grinding out low scoring wins now. Team is playing with no pressure, Bosh and Wade already have their rings. Not strong enough to contend, but strong enough to frustrate and party poop Indy and Chicago. No more media media circus, love it. Happy with the 2 chips after the decision, 2/4 in finals is much better than 1/4...I thought the LeFallout would have been much worse, but now Riley looks like Executive of the Year building this solid...
Have 48/48 Black Wool MA-1, WTB or trade for 50/48
Wool MA-1 Stock 48, Ordered August 2013. 6'1 185 lbs when ordered ( now carrying a bit extra ). I thought 50 w/ 48 lengths would have made more sense, but then Charly asked if I even lifted ...
2010 DR ...
can't wait for my oxblood
xpost by @afixedpoint from WAYWT
@reedo would look better with 3ds xl and pokemon anyhoo 40 weeks ...
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