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Running in Clifton's almost exclusively these days. Fugly, and not anywhere near as responsive as Mizuno, but I don't need as much recovery time after a long run. Went through several generations of Wave Inspire and Ravenna, but biomechanics changed from heel striking to mid/forefoot and flyknit frees are great for that. But I'm 185 lb so usually 6 miles or less in the Nikes. I was just curious about Elixirs or Sayonaras for sprints etc, giving Mizuno another shot because...
something wicked this way comes
I think she trained more for it than she's letting on.
Riiiight. Not buying it.
@steveyoo1983 thanks for a heckuva deal, and I just realized you threw in a little treat for good measure Thanks.
3-0 baby
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