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I'm 33 ... found an AARP envelope in my mailbox a few days ago. Opened it only to find a piece of paper with the word "soon" written in bold
Folks, are these from last season or upcoming Spring '13 stuff?
always fun posting after mr. unofficial toj mascot/thumbs up magnet anyway here's my crappy (inferior) calf 3-zip mdr
Problem solved.
That's a last resort. ^^ No need to be a dick.
Nightmare continues. Ervell webstore finally answered my email ( I had been sending one every 24 hours since I received the pocket sweater ... ), but only after I called them. I explained that I ordered a grey melange and received electric blue instead, but they still refused to do a refund since it was on sale ( at $217 ). If anyone wants to trade their M for an L, shoot me a PM.
Ordered a grey melange pocket sweater, received electric blue ...
Field Parka in "Olive" ... via Inventory Sale
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