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enough with the American Psycho references, otherwise we'll do it all day/week probably ordering another tote today, hope that for the surprise 'freebie' I get a dark grey peacoat this time
Proxy! I'll make it worth your while. Looking for : Camo Bush Pants [ preferably in Black ] (33) Westpoint Chinos in all colors (33) Super Westpoint Twill 5-pocket Pant [ Stone ] (33) Tanker Pant [ Both Colors, preferably Charcoal ] (33) Military Service Pants [Charcoal] (33)
Usually I wear 'M' Gitmans, I sized up like everyone else ( everyone else lucky enough ) to kop a Gitman x Tres Bien Leopard Print. Sleeves are OK but the P2P is huuuuuge. Need to find a decent tailor...
just finished a BBC "The Hour" marathon ... thoughts anyone?
On the fence...
ill-fitting jawnz ---> the result of persistent inquiries regarding ETA of commissioned jawnz
running shoe discount at amazon just kopped a pair of sauconys $20 off
Thanks Charly, Dan, and that other dude whatever his name is....
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