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All Miami need to do is get a benchwarmer to clothesline one of the opposing team's guards. Just like what Dexter Pittman did to Lance Stephenson last year. Then all this talk of beating up on LeBron will stop.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say their struggles were only due to Bosh's absence. Teams just don't have an answer for the versatility of Miami's closing lineup. Wade, James, Bosh, Battier, Miller .. they can play offense/defense with equal efficiency ... they switch, trap, disrupt unlike any other team ... rebounding is their only achilles' heel
^ Keep it classy edmorel People thought I looked like Zo back then, coach actually called me Alonzo ( instead of Alberto ) but there really wasn't much resemblance ... lol. Maybe we all really do look the same, for some people.. Those Heat teams were fun, rarely scored more than 90 points hahaha ... rarely even made it to national TV we were so irrelevant. For a while it seemed like Zo was gonna lead them to a championship but M.J. was having none of that ... then...
and ... Birdman yes, ... Birdman just fell into their lap to address one of their major areas of concern. Dude is still learning the playbook, they're just scratching the surface... Anyway, major BREAKING NEWS : NEW MIAMI HEAT STREAK AT 1-0
Focus should be on managing minutes and fine tuning for playoffs.Plus there were quite a few games during that streak that they had absolutely no business winning
^^ No kidding. LeBron losing his composure etc... Bulls always play borderline thugball under Thibodeau, no surprises there. Hope they meet again in the playoffs, but after tonight's game, I expect it to be a very short series.
And here's some cockblocking from Firmament Berlin ... really needed these stealthy sneaks
I can either pay cash ( Paypal ), or trade my Indigo Melange Amalgam, or Maroon Fisherman Rollneck also in M.
Wow. Regular season ...
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