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missing out on those black, vibram soled maine guides ... one of my biggest regrets
Running in Clifton's almost exclusively these days. Fugly, and not anywhere near as responsive as Mizuno, but I don't need as much recovery time after a long run. Went through several generations of Wave Inspire and Ravenna, but biomechanics changed from heel striking to mid/forefoot and flyknit frees are great for that. But I'm 185 lb so usually 6 miles or less in the Nikes. I was just curious about Elixirs or Sayonaras for sprints etc, giving Mizuno another shot because...
something wicked this way comes
I think she trained more for it than she's letting on.
Riiiight. Not buying it.
@steveyoo1983 thanks for a heckuva deal, and I just realized you threw in a little treat for good measure Thanks.
3-0 baby
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