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I am looking to purchase some new dress shirts. I would like to avoid "wrinkle-free" shirts. I realize that a 100% cotton shirt will wrinkle. Having said that, is one type of cotton fabric -- broadcloth, pinpoint, royal oxford, etc. -- likely to wrinkle less than another type of cotton fabric? Thanks.
I tried on a Suitsupply suit and like the look and fit, although the pants were a little on the slim side. I thought if I ordered MTM, the pants could be a little wider. The problem is this -- I am 55 years old. The style for these suits seems to be targeted for men 1/2 my age. The last thing I want is to be a 55 year old guy trying to look 1/2 his age. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
I am bored with the Ralph Lauren khaki's and button down shirt look for "sharp" business/casual wear. I am looking for something that is "different." However, I am in my early 50's and am not looking for something that will make me look like I want to be 20 again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
How about The Contender. Oxxford, I believe, made the suits.
I think it looks terrific, especially for an OTR suit without any alterations.
Any idea where I can see it/get it all over the streets of New York?
Can you thonk of any RTW tailors that make this style suit and are not in the price range of a Kiton?
Does anyone know who made the suit, or how to describe the style, of the navy suit in the first picture in post #5? I have been looking for a suit like this for a long time?
Mark: Excellent thread. Do you have any thoughts regarding purchasing MTM suits or sport coats in the price range referenced in your thread as opposed to buying a "quality" OTR suit/sport coat in the same price range? My bespoke/MTM purchases have not turned out the way I had hoped. Simply put, the resulting product never quite looks they way I thought it would. Part of the reason is probably because I am not paying top dollar for the product. However, with tuition...
Is a blue or blue stripe shirt with a white collar appropriate for business casual? Also, is a french cuff shirt, worn without a suit jacket or sports coat, appropriate for business casual?
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