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The Christmas special is up on Ninja Video: http://www.ninjavideo.net/video/47405 Make sure to open the "applet" before trying to watch. Conor
One of the buttons from the fly of my slim bootcuts fell off yesterday, any way to fix it? (I can provide pictures if they are needed) Thanks, Conor
Just picked up some olive regulation chinos at an outlet for $29.95. Conor
Black bandanna just came in from Context. It's awesome. Conor
Probably the straight cut. The boot cuts fit great but are a little tight on my giant calves. The fit on them is probably a little more SF approved, but I often prefer the looser fit of the straights (again, being inclined to old J Press and BB sacks). Conor
Here are some crappy pictures of my two pairs of RRL jeans. I've had them both for about four or five months. Top pair is slim boot cut and bottom pair is straight cut. Thanks for helping this trad (think J. Press and not BoO) pick out some great jeans. Conor
Quote: Originally Posted by heyheyhey Does anybody have the picture that went around a while ago of one of the owners/designers of Levi's. It was from a magazine, and he was wearing really old dry Levi's that were ripped to hell and patched all over. They looked amazing. He was quite an older gent, but was rocking them. Cheers. This one? Credit Conor
This is a great thread. I have made my own bow-ties and pocket squares (hand-rolled edges), all handsewn, but only because I don't have a sewing machine. I have been trying to find an online tutorial for shortening the sleeves of a jacket but can't find anything good or helpful to me (being new to sewing). Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Conor
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