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That linen coat is amazing.
ITT: people think 3% inflation is hyperinflation.
How dare the Fed try to reduce unemployment and revive the economy! We need more jobless people so Obama gets voted out!
Mostly it says a lot about the Republican ticket.
It was probably an anarchic mob that killed the ambassador (Libya has more than its fair share of mobs and militias they government can't control). There is a difference between a government too weak to control its citizens, and a government that ordered the death of a US ambassador.
On the lighter side of things, the Onion was forced to update their article from yesterday... Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting UPDATE: Never Mind
The question you raised isn't particularly useful though, because Democrats are unwilling to even talk about restricting guns. Obama's made a couple remarks but the Senate is unwilling to move and none of the issues either party is pushing this election even involve guns.But suppose the impossible happens and we ban guns in the US. Suppose even the Supreme Court agrees that a gun ban is constitutional.I think it's obvious that the ban would take years or decades before...
Why oh why can't we have a fiscal conservative party in the US? I'm tired of being lumped in with these idiots.
I'm really bored and reading this thread probably impairs basic mental functions, but the 10yr treasury yield (in real terms) was 0.80% on April 18, 2010 and is -1.55% as of August 21, 2012 (look it up yourself). The global economy is clearly preparing for an imminent sovereign debt crisis in the United States.
Does Gilt still run good suit sales? I stopped following Gilt after their buys seemed to get progressively worse, but a couple years ago I picked up a CKC suit that feels fantastic and is cut well.
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