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That linen coat is amazing.
Does Gilt still run good suit sales? I stopped following Gilt after their buys seemed to get progressively worse, but a couple years ago I picked up a CKC suit that feels fantastic and is cut well.
Stylish politicians seem to have died out sometime after 1970.
Those really are great. Grenson?
I think those are a 34" inseam, so I'd need to go up to a 36" which is hard to find in my waist size. Might try 3Sixteen at some point.
This seemed as good a thread to ask this as any: what's the difference between a suit pant and what are more generally "dress" pants, meaning a wool pant not sold as part of a suit? I don't venture into more formal clothing very often (my workplace is a jeans and button-up shirt sort of place) so I don't wear either suits or wool pants very often. Or should I just generally avoid wearing a wool pant without a jacket?
Golfers and frat boys wear polo shirts. Those are your only options.
Probably going to return these, but looking for opinions. Are these cut too skinny for me?
Too fruity?
So is that why traditional Arabic dress includes skinny jeans?
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