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Double check your VTA and VTF settings. What cartridge are you using? If stock, then upgrading to an Ortofon 2M line would be a nice upgrade.Also consider getting a Hunt EDA brush and LP cleaning machine. That will keep the static down.
The distributor of these is a good friend. Absolutely amazing table and built like a tank. I helped him assemble one and we needed a third guy to move all the road cases it comes in.Here's a picture of the final assembly.
No. Don't buy.
Yikes, that's pretty bad. I found the same thing was happening with my Michelin tires on the Lexus. I switched to Kumho Ecsta Platinum and got the same ride and twice the tire longevity.
They are good but I recently bought another Stearns & Foster with memory foam on top which is great and about 1/3 the price. I just could not see spending all that money. But if you really want it, go for it.
Here's my backup plan. 1. Rip the original CD in wave format to Mac Mini. Keep the CDs. I also do hirez PCM rips and keep those discs. 2. Backup the Mac Mini to external drive. 3. Backup that drive to second external drive. So I'd agree with above you always need a second backup drive. Drives fail more often than you would imagine.
Hard to capture a Stillman film in a trailer. I will probably give it a shot.
Donovan, Fairytale
I've heard all of these speakers and the 1.7s are the best by far. I bought them after having three previous pairs of Maggies. Great sound, build quality and resale value.Just make sure you have plenty of high quality power, ideally 130-150 watts per channel.
According to my friend Chris who is a noted cable designer, USB cables don't work well over 15 feet and he generally recommends less than 12 feet. In my experience, USB cables versus SPDIF depend more on the USB sync quality on the DAC and the quality of that depends to some degree, with exceptions, on whether it is an asynchronous connection. Also, me and my friends have been experimenting with lossless formats. In my opinion, a better way to go is to rip everything in...
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