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Who else enjoys spinning vinyl and has purchased a turntable? What table do you have? What are your favorite records?
Thank you. They are breaking in nicely.The entire Devore line is AF-approved. I see John every year at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Very nice man with quality speakers. He also has some high quality electronics he displays them with.
Very true. Any screaming babies and I pull out the iMetal IEMs. Most of my flights have business people more often than babies so this is less of an issue. Really my routes are more business routes than leisure routes so perhaps that helps.
I like both but the Devores would be my leaning.
It's not ideal but it works alright. IEMs are certainly better but the midrange of the Grados is so good I like to use them, especially when on a quieter plane like the 777.
Have you heard the new line? Sounds very fine.For a budget desktop, the new Emotiva Airmotiv 4 at $399 is really nice.
Well played sir. You put him and Irsay next to each other and you have the beginning of a nasty optical illusion.
Excellent point Tony. It is very competitive given the visual nightmares on many broadcasts. Still Irsay has the whole package - ridiculous suit, ridiculous fit, and all around cheeseball grooming. The trifecta.
I think we can make a strong case... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/irsay-fires-back-manning-calls-peyton-politician-005156830.html
Wharfedale makes a damn good speaker.
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