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At $500 for integrated and $500 for speakers I would look at used Rotel or NAD gear. Both are great. For speakers, look at Magnepan MMGs, Paradigm or PSB monitors, or audioengine speakers. MMGs are really terrific for the money. I friend of mine just got a pair of these and they sound excellent... http://www.magnepan.com/model_MMG Free 30 day in-home trial as well so you can hear them in your own room which is important for...
PSB speakers and Rotel?
Try to scrape together enough dough for a Rega RP1 or a Music Hall 2.2. Great tables for the money. Below the $400 mark things get sketchy.
Looks great!
Nice setup. I'm using the Mac Mini as a server into the Benchmark DAC1 Pre via Audioquest Diamong usb. I was surprised to experience that usb cables sound different. Tried several but the Diamond is the best so far. Will get an iPad with the 3 comes out.Also, I am experimenting now with the Izotope upsampling algorithm. It really does improve sound quality of CD material.
These are good but also look at the new budget Hifiman cans. If you can find some used Grado RS-2s in this range then that would be ideal. I use Grados for my professional classical recordings. They sound more accurate than Senns on string instruments.
A great, classic speaker. Very smooth midrange.
I like the Rega P3. Good table for the money.
No, I don't find they sound very good. I tend to like Cardas Golden Reference and Clear and Kimber Kables. Right now I am testing Black Cat Cables by Stereolab which is made by a friend of mine. They are fantastic for the money. $127 a meter pair.http://blackcat75.ning.com/
Some shots of my table which is a VPI Scoutmaster. First up, my original Grado Sonata: Then I upgraded to a Lyra Argo(i) for more resolution although the Sonata was really good. I also added in a Modwright SWP 9.0SE phono stage. This photo was featured in a CNET column and on VPI's site. Effect was done by shining a bright LED light through colored vinyl (Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams above and Miles Davis Kind of Blue 50th Anniversary Edition below) on top of a...
New Posts  All Forums: