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I'm hoping that Kathryn Bigelow makes a movie about Benghazi next.
I like the new design!
Two devices: Sound Devices 722 and a Benchmark DAC1 Pre. Soon will get an Audioquest Dragonfly for consulting trips.
Just under $400 with trade-in of some Grado 325is. MSRP is $600.
http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/sns-rt-us-investing-pimcobre9020gs-20130103,0,6384605.storyA fellow Dire Straits fan.Do you think he's right?
Earlier this week I ordered some Grado PS500s, a dream headphone of mine.
I'm wondering that as well.
I have to politely differ here. Some of the best Sonus Faber sound I have heard has been with tubes like Audio Research gear.
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