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These are fantastic shoes based on the first days' use. Some of the most comfortable shoes I have owned.
Very nice.
Finally got a pair of these to try-dark brown in Venetian style, kind of a dressy loafer. Very comfortable so far. Relatively affordable at $170 a pair. Look to be decently constructed for the price. Will try them out for a week and share my thoughts.
I'm enjoying my 13"Macbook Pro with the i7. Very fast machine. I'd love a Retina machine but I need more gigabytes for computer audio.
Yes, Grado foam replacements are available.
Douglas, we have several neighbors with Japanese maples. They look very nice.
LinkedIn has a heatmapping app that does this by grouping similar contacts. I forget the name of it...
It's pretty decent on Delta.
A lot of people like the Ultrasone line.
Keynote absolutely destroys Powerpoint and I say that as a Powerpoint guru.
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