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I'm enjoying my 13"Macbook Pro with the i7. Very fast machine. I'd love a Retina machine but I need more gigabytes for computer audio.
Yes, Grado foam replacements are available.
Douglas, we have several neighbors with Japanese maples. They look very nice.
LinkedIn has a heatmapping app that does this by grouping similar contacts. I forget the name of it...
It's pretty decent on Delta.
A lot of people like the Ultrasone line.
Keynote absolutely destroys Powerpoint and I say that as a Powerpoint guru.
Macbook Pro 13" Really great machine. Does everything better than my work Dell laptop.
Glad to help. Things get out of alignment over time and some dealers do setup better than others. I would strongly consider taking it back and seeing if they will double check. Often they will do this for free or charge a small amount at worst.
Double check your VTA and VTF settings. What cartridge are you using? If stock, then upgrading to an Ortofon 2M line would be a nice upgrade.Also consider getting a Hunt EDA brush and LP cleaning machine. That will keep the static down.
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