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The OM-1 was my first camera but then I upgraded to an OM-2N. Great camera. Later bought a F100. Still have that and the OM-2N. Today I bought a Nikon D750 to use with my AFS ED lenses. Build quality is excellent. I briefly had a 7100 but wanted to use all my lenses so I went with full frame. Best Buy offered great customer service. I was 1.5 to 2 weeks beyond the 15 day return date but the store manager let me trade it in for full value on the D750.
I just picked up a Nikon D750. Really enjoying it so far.
Great system. Been looking at the new Devialet speakers.
I would try two routes for the Revels which are superb speakers. 1. Solid state - Pass Labs 2. Vacuum Tube - Audio Research McIntosh hold their value and are well made but the sound tends to be a bit on the warm side and lack some resolution. With the Salon2s you should really hear the resolution they are capable of.
Look at the VPI Scout series. You should be able to find new or B stock in that range with a small discount.
Those are lovely.
I went to the Atlanta store today and was impressed. Excellent service too. However I had two questions for members here: What is the overall view on the quality of these suits? How well do the suits hold up for those of you who travel?
Love is Hell MFSL 3 LP box set. Spectacular.
I'm back. Needed some clothing ideas.
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