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Thanks everyone, very helpful.
Huh, Orvis told me the opposite as the Bedale is longer in length.
Friends, Happy Holidays! I'm looking at a Bedale for some winter travel. Is this still the best for a business traveler who wants to cover a suit jacket? Does the quality hold up over time? It looks pretty solid. Thanks. Lee
No question we are busier than normal now.
I really wanted to like the Devialet but the bass is quite boomy and the mids are just not smooth enough.
I am reviewing some nice new earbuds from Cardas, the A8s. Very nice sound so far. I also recommend the RHA T20i.
I'm strongly considering a Leica Q based on extensive research. I've always wanted to try a Leica lens.
Get the PS500e from Grado. They are amazing. I have most of the line including the RS-1i, 325, 125, 80, and 60. Had the RS-2 and know the PS1000 and GS-1000 very well. The new e series is great.
Sorry I missed you. Would have been fun to meet up.
Just lost in the jungles of high end audio and home upgrades which cut down a bit on my artisan clothing purchases.
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