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Well I think there would be value in starting over for a number of reasons:1. Symbolic.2. New atmosphere with more clear pressure to solve fiscal cliff problem, etc.3. Post-election reality which is difficult for both sides really.
Now that Obama has won, would it not be smart to have a Bowles-Simpson II to address the fiscal issues from entitlements to taxes? Assemble a new or partially new group on both sides with policy experts from both sides and hopefully some non-party affiliated subject matter experts. It would be a big gesture and given the election results might result in a Grand Bargain. It would also seem to give him some political capital for the next four years which would be valuable...
For Teger: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/332828/dont-give-florida-yet-nathaniel-botwinick
CIA denied. Chris Stevens (+3) died.
Still missing heavy R panhandle precincts.
Just saw that on Fox. Had to be registered to vote in October so it was clearly illegal. Said to impact possible 200K votes potentially.
She is the first fake Cherokee to win.
Losing PA is ugly. FL and OH must wins for Romney.
The sampling stat. You missed it.
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