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For Teger: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/332828/dont-give-florida-yet-nathaniel-botwinick
CIA denied. Chris Stevens (+3) died.
Still missing heavy R panhandle precincts.
Just saw that on Fox. Had to be registered to vote in October so it was clearly illegal. Said to impact possible 200K votes potentially.
She is the first fake Cherokee to win.
Losing PA is ugly. FL and OH must wins for Romney.
The sampling stat. You missed it.
Also confirmed reports that it happened to some Georgia and Florida power crews. One of my audio buddies used to head disaster recovery sharing services at Southern Company (owner of Georgia and Alabama Power utilities) and he said it was unprecedented what the unions were doing in the NE.
I'm very worried about this as my penthouse at the top of Carnegie Tower may be in jeopardy.
New Posts  All Forums: