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Thirded. Audioengine makes great speakers and has excellent customer service.
The quality seems pretty good so far. Heckuva deal for $50.
Listening to the new Ryan Adams album "Ashes & Fire" streaming at NPR.
I like Crimes & Misdemeanors too. Hannah is a favorite. I really thought Midnight in Paris was superb.
The Grado RS1is are breaking in nicely. The treble and midrange are much more clear now and there is better separation of instruments. I'm really enjoying these headphones.
Very happy with my iPhone 4. Probably will hold onto it a while and it is fairly new. Great device. Next toy is an iPad 3.
I have the imetal 590s and love them. For the over the ear type, the Grado 225i and 325is are good. A lot of folks like the $150 Audio Technica M-50 as well.
At first glance, I like the design.
New Posts  All Forums: