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Right on the money.
Dopey, how does foreign policy help Obama? Benghazi was a disaster. Can you give more specifics?
Boehner extended an olive branch including higher taxes already.
Also, to further paint the picture. Let's assume we do nothing - status quo. 1. Debt picture looks worse. Financial options narrow further. For fiscal cliff, harsh cuts may create great voter dissatisfaction against both parties. 2. Obama legacy is trashed, at least in the long run. 3. Congress further slides into decline structurally and from a popularity perspective. Maybe I'm too much an optimist for real action here but it appears to me that there is much to...
I believe if the President acts soon, there would be much value to both sides in creating a Grand Bargain. Beohner looks good for addressing serious spending problems (even with some give on tax revenues) and Obama looks good for tackling (finally) tough issues in a bipartisan fashion.People will be reading the tea leaves for some time, but it appears to me that the vast majority want solutions and not partisan games. It will take courage however, perhaps lots of it. ...
They offered up tax increases on the last go around and I think the pressure would be great to do something.
Well I think there would be value in starting over for a number of reasons:1. Symbolic.2. New atmosphere with more clear pressure to solve fiscal cliff problem, etc.3. Post-election reality which is difficult for both sides really.
Now that Obama has won, would it not be smart to have a Bowles-Simpson II to address the fiscal issues from entitlements to taxes? Assemble a new or partially new group on both sides with policy experts from both sides and hopefully some non-party affiliated subject matter experts. It would be a big gesture and given the election results might result in a Grand Bargain. It would also seem to give him some political capital for the next four years which would be valuable...
New Posts  All Forums: