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It's not ideal but it works alright. IEMs are certainly better but the midrange of the Grados is so good I like to use them, especially when on a quieter plane like the 777.
Have you heard the new line? Sounds very fine.For a budget desktop, the new Emotiva Airmotiv 4 at $399 is really nice.
Well played sir. You put him and Irsay next to each other and you have the beginning of a nasty optical illusion.
Excellent point Tony. It is very competitive given the visual nightmares on many broadcasts. Still Irsay has the whole package - ridiculous suit, ridiculous fit, and all around cheeseball grooming. The trifecta.
I think we can make a strong case...
Wharfedale makes a damn good speaker.
Thanks. They really sound good. Was listening to the Tea for the Tillerman hirez download last night.
I buy a good bit from Amazon and have only had very few issues including the Marketplace sellers. They fixed things immediately. Earlier this year I got a Prime account and it is terrific since I buy a lot of rare music on the Marketplace. Amazon is a great company.
This may be more relevant to California than the rest of the country.
Anyone? Bueller?
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