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Tax hikes will have some impact on consumer spending. They always do.Spending cuts are associated with economic booms historically:http://www.hoover.org/publications/defining-ideas/article/120481
You can see the challenge emerge as Obama comes out with a high number for new taxes but no word on spending cuts.Shaping up to be another Lucy and the football - tax hikes now, spending cuts to be installed at a date to be named in the future.
WSJ reporting that Obama will ask for a whopping $1.6 trillion over ten years in tax increases.
Jay Carney: This is all very explainable. Army generals have to intimately understand the terrain. They are taught to look for wet marshlands near a delta for ease of moving equipment in and out.
Sex with a muppet?
This is hilarious!!
Racist thread is racist.
Clearly General Petraeus went "all in." Maybe he penetrated her defenses with his top secret missile.
Would hit. http://nation.foxnews.com/paula-broadwell/2012/11/12/watch-paula-broadwells-awkward-interview-don-imus-january
Total of three and two through a donation to a charity my wife runs.
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