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Remastering does all sorts of things - better converters can mean more resolution, better tape sources can mean more clarity and better high frequencies, better care can mean more judicious use of EQ so one hears the album as intended.
I have an ES 330 and love it. About time to upgrade but it has been a solid car and totally troublefree. Good dealer experience as per usual with Lexus.The car is very well built from engine to paint quality.
Or the Keith Johnson who records at 24/176khz hirez and puts the master file out on hirez wave files under the HRX moniker?
You mean the Keith Johnson who is putting his recordings out on SACD?
44.1 is only adequate to people who have not heard good hirez. There is a wealth of musical information missing CDs even with a perfect recording and mastering. Hirez sampling adds detail, better instrument timbre and a better soundstage to digital playback.
Won a new toy in a raffle today, the ALO Rx2 Tactical Edition headphone amp. Just need a line out dock cable now.
Sure, thanks for looking into it Fok. Firefox 7.0.1 on Windows XP. New since couple of days ago. Very odd.
The backspace key on Firefox will not work for me when I visit this forum. No issues anywhere else.
^Nice system. Congrats! I hung out a while with John Devore at RMAF. What a great show! John had the Orangutan and Gibbon 88s playing with Linear Magnetic tube amps. Great sound.
I am hearing a lot of good things about the Shure 940s. On Amazon for $265.
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