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That looks really cool. Very appealing to get rid of the wallet as well.
I am now rocking the Grado RS-1i headphones with an outboard amp by ALO Audio, the Rx Mark II Tactical Edition connected by a Fiio L9 line out dock cable which takes the analog stream out of the iPods 30 pin dock connector from my brand new iPod Classic. I store all of my music in AIFF files which I find sound better. This is a nice portable system for my consulting travels on the road. And it sounds terrific! Here are some pictures for those of you into headphones. ...
Eric Clapton, Money and Cigarettes
Very cool!
Maybe they will do a Black Friday special.
I like the audioengine line as well. Fluance makes a nice, elegant iPod stereo for $200. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57318496-47/get-fluances-audiophile-quality-ipod-speaker-for-just-$100/?tag=txt;title
At around $1KBenchmark DAC1 (I have one)Grace m903Musical Fidelity M1, possibly the new V-DAC mk 2.Below $1k it gets dicey although the V-DAC and DacMagic are worth a shot.But I agree with the above post that better speakers would help.
Remastering does all sorts of things - better converters can mean more resolution, better tape sources can mean more clarity and better high frequencies, better care can mean more judicious use of EQ so one hears the album as intended.
I have an ES 330 and love it. About time to upgrade but it has been a solid car and totally troublefree. Good dealer experience as per usual with Lexus.The car is very well built from engine to paint quality.
Or the Keith Johnson who records at 24/176khz hirez and puts the master file out on hirez wave files under the HRX moniker?
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