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Looks kind of like a Devore Fidelity Orangutan.
Dumbass is definitely the right term here.
I like this one. Pricey but cool.
Bartolo, This link has a quide to some good music as recommended by the editors of Absolute Sound, the other big US magazine besides Stereophile. http://www.avguide.com/buyers-guide/the-absolute-soundhi-fi-guide-cables-power-products-accessories-and-music I also recommend a great e-zine: http://www.positive-feedback.com/
I should also note that in my experience the upper level Benchmark DACs (Pre, HDR) sound a bit better. I have both the DAC1 and the DAC1 Pre. Great sound on both but the latter is a little more refined on top.
Good system. I talked to Alon Wolf of Magico at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Good guy with nice sounding speakers.Alon still recommends the Odyssey Khartago amps for $800+ if anyone is looking for more reasonable priced gear.The Allaerts cart is at my friend's house. I've been impressed so far. P.S.I now have my Mac Mini feeding a Benchmark DAC1 Pre and am using the Decibel music player software. Alison Krauss' Paper Airplane in 24/96 FLAC sounds amazing.
That looks really cool. Very appealing to get rid of the wallet as well.
I am now rocking the Grado RS-1i headphones with an outboard amp by ALO Audio, the Rx Mark II Tactical Edition connected by a Fiio L9 line out dock cable which takes the analog stream out of the iPods 30 pin dock connector from my brand new iPod Classic. I store all of my music in AIFF files which I find sound better. This is a nice portable system for my consulting travels on the road. And it sounds terrific! Here are some pictures for those of you into headphones. ...
Eric Clapton, Money and Cigarettes
Very cool!
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