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It's a liberal utopia like Chicago.
http://www.myfoxny.com/story/20307940/french-star-depardieu-moves-to-lower-tax-belgiumWalter Wriston responds:
Sonus work well with tube amps in my experience.
Sums it up well.
What would be a better legacy than a Grand Bargain that has entitlement reform?
I say do the right thing. Make a statement. Go over the cliff if you have to.P.S. In a very real sense we are already over the cliff. Let Obama get caught with his foot on the accelerator.
Not true, several organizations have offered up $4 trillion in spending cuts. Fix The Debt has a huge list.
The Obama administration offer on this today did not have ANY spending cuts. They are playing "lucy and the football" as I long predicted here. I'm starting to think the best plan for the GOP is to refuse to negotiate and force the nation over the fiscal cliff. Many will hate the GOP for it but over time they will realize it was the right thing to do. And it will please conservatives, independents and solidify the base.
New Posts  All Forums: