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They cast me as Don Cheadle? I'm honored.
For the record I use lossless files with an iPod Classic but if you listen closely you can hear the difference with the AAC or MP3 version. Not everyone cares about that but I and many others do.As for isolation, the open nature of the Grados is really only an issue on a plane but even then it works decently enough. However, I also use iMetal 590s for travel and soon hope my buddies at Cardas send me a pair of their soon to debut IEMs.An amp is not useless in reality as...
Andre, I'm using my ears because in my experience measurements do not do an adequate job capturing sound differences. But in any event, M-Audio or RMAA are not really the last word in test equipment so my doubts remain how flat the iPhone really is. If you go to Head-Fi, a large number of people do not find the sound quality to be very good at all. I find this opinion valid based on my own experimenting with various sources from iPods to hirez files>dacs>amps.
Just got some Magnepan 1.7s. Sublime sound.
I'm not sure how they conducted that test as I could not find it from the link...but using my own recordings the suckout is quite noticeable. I have had several apple designers admit this. Adding in a hump on EQu makes nice improvement and brings my classical recordings back to where they sound like the live event did. The Classic, and even more my other iPod the 5G, sound far better.Do you know how they conducted that test?
The reason I suggested this is because a good friend is an Apple audio designer and this is what they all do. Secondly, there is significant "midrange suckout" on the iPhone so EQ is needed to get to flat FR.
Nah, even with the best comply tips, they still suck. I have a pair.
Yikes Andre, the Apple IEMs suck. I would have expected a better choice from you. The iPhone sucks too unless you are running EQu.
Not true. Modern tube amps sound great at all levels of gain.
That's not really accurate. Since the 5G iPod the DACs in iPods have been good but not great. That is why the Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo sound so good. The amp is weak so adding that helps quite a bit in terms of both clarity and power. The iPhone is not great either but if you download the EQU app it gets a lot better.I use the ALO amp, Classic and Grados on planes, in the office, in the hotel room, at home and at our local park where I walk the dogs. Works great...
New Posts  All Forums: