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Lovely collars!
Went to Cambridge UK fro training last week and decided the price at the EG Jermyn Street store were too good to pass up. Received very good service there, especially since I arrived a little before closing. They threw in some polish and extra laces. Nice people. Then had a proper gin & tonic at The Red Lion pub with a friend.
Thanks, I will look into that. Are there any good sources for Loro Piana discounts I may have missed or maybe some similar style online stores worth checking out? Lee
I posted before I saw this. Congrats!
The Hegel is excellent but also check out the new Peachtree Audio Nova Series. I heard the new line at Axpona 2016 and they sounded excellent plus the design is very stylish.
After 16 years, my Loro Piana Horsey jacket has given out. Any suggestions for something similar but under $500 or under $1,000? Thanks, Lee
No. I don't think that is true. One can have a profession where reputation is all and when you have a poor reputation, you eventually go out of business.The big strategy firms are very protective of their service quality and brand.
Any favorites? Thanks.
Audio Research preamp, the Ref 5SE. It is simply amazing.
Strategy firms fit the definition of a profession. Regular annual and bi-annual training. Industry conferences. In some technical areas, even certifications.Don't confuse the industries with more regulations/credentials like investment banking and law with being more professional than strategy consulting which by its nature is less regulated due to the problem solving nature of the work.
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