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Friends, Happy Holidays! I'm looking at a Bedale for some winter travel. Is this still the best for a business traveler who wants to cover a suit jacket? Does the quality hold up over time? It looks pretty solid. Thanks. Lee
No question we are busier than normal now.
I really wanted to like the Devialet but the bass is quite boomy and the mids are just not smooth enough.
I am reviewing some nice new earbuds from Cardas, the A8s. Very nice sound so far. http://www.cardas.com/a8_ear_speaker.php I also recommend the RHA T20i.
I'm strongly considering a Leica Q based on extensive research. I've always wanted to try a Leica lens.
Get the PS500e from Grado. They are amazing. I have most of the line including the RS-1i, 325, 125, 80, and 60. Had the RS-2 and know the PS1000 and GS-1000 very well. The new e series is great.
Sorry I missed you. Would have been fun to meet up.
Just lost in the jungles of high end audio and home upgrades which cut down a bit on my artisan clothing purchases.
This is pretty accurate.
I would say that 65-70 hours is more common at McKinsey now. We are really busy as our win rate on new projects is really high. On the plus side, there is lots more bonus to go around.
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