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Hi friends, I need some recommendations for dress shirts of decent quality, both collar and buttondown, for a fairly formal client. No tie needed all the time but wanted to buy 4-6 shirts in the $70-110 range. I will be traveling a lot and would rather not bring my best shirts for some trips. Any suggestions for decent quality shirts in this range? Any suggestions for current websites to check out? Thanks much, Lee
This should be required reading and viewing. http://www.slideshare.net/reidhoffman/startup-of-you-visual-summary
I think it sounds better than a Krell. Much better on the mids and highs.
I like the new design!
Two devices: Sound Devices 722 and a Benchmark DAC1 Pre. Soon will get an Audioquest Dragonfly for consulting trips.
Just under $400 with trade-in of some Grado 325is. MSRP is $600.
Earlier this week I ordered some Grado PS500s, a dream headphone of mine.
I have to politely differ here. Some of the best Sonus Faber sound I have heard has been with tubes like Audio Research gear.
Sonus work well with tube amps in my experience.
Congrats! Sonus Faber speaker sound and look gorgeous.
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