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No. I don't think that is true. One can have a profession where reputation is all and when you have a poor reputation, you eventually go out of business.The big strategy firms are very protective of their service quality and brand.
Any favorites? Thanks.
Audio Research preamp, the Ref 5SE. It is simply amazing. http://www.audioresearch.com/en-us/products/preamplifiers/reference-5-se
Strategy firms fit the definition of a profession. Regular annual and bi-annual training. Industry conferences. In some technical areas, even certifications.Don't confuse the industries with more regulations/credentials like investment banking and law with being more professional than strategy consulting which by its nature is less regulated due to the problem solving nature of the work.
Thanks everyone, very helpful.
Huh, Orvis told me the opposite as the Bedale is longer in length.
Friends, Happy Holidays! I'm looking at a Bedale for some winter travel. Is this still the best for a business traveler who wants to cover a suit jacket? Does the quality hold up over time? It looks pretty solid. Thanks. Lee
No question we are busier than normal now.
I really wanted to like the Devialet but the bass is quite boomy and the mids are just not smooth enough.
I am reviewing some nice new earbuds from Cardas, the A8s. Very nice sound so far. http://www.cardas.com/a8_ear_speaker.php I also recommend the RHA T20i.
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