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How well do EGs hold up? Here is my pair of EG Berkeley (202 last, antique dark oak)I bought in 2000 in London when the store was still in the Arcade. The new Jermyn Street store is much better.
Eton shorts are on sale 50% off at H. Stockton in Dunwoody in case any Atlanta members want to stock up. Pretty good selection as far as I saw.
At that price point, I am sold Gus. I will definitely try MTM from G. Inglese.
This is the best thread ever.
Looking for recommendations...I noticed that Amazon has great prices on Persol. The ones I tried on at Sunglass Hut looked to be excellent quality and had superb lenses... Is this a reasonable way to go? Anything else around $150 I should be looking at? Thanks.
I've been impressed with the shirts I got so far. Pretty good value for the money.
Yes, they seem a bit trimmer. I went up a half size though and the fit is quite good.Today I tried on a Kiton and Isaia and I honestly found the Isaia to be competitive in many ways. The handwork is quite nice on both. The Isaia fabrics seem as nice judging just from the hand but that may be the selection from the Last Call sale I was shopping.
I picked up a Red Line with Thomas Mason fabric and I am happy so far. We will see how it holds up over time but construction looks very good. I also got the basic blue Purple Line shirt and it fits me very well. What impressed me most is that as an older, bigger man than their usual clientele, they had some nice suit options. I will probably pull the trigger on a sportcoat and La Spalla suit in the Fall. The customer service was spectacular at the Atlanta store this...
More good customer service at Sid Mashburn over the weekend. They really make you feel at home there. I just got some Saphir polish and tools. The place itself is a real destination store. I especially like their interest in vinyl records and the expanded audio corner. Highly recommended.
Those are amazing.
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