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I went to the Atlanta store today and was impressed. Excellent service too. However I had two questions for members here: What is the overall view on the quality of these suits? How well do the suits hold up for those of you who travel?
Love is Hell MFSL 3 LP box set. Spectacular.
I'm back. Needed some clothing ideas.
The TAD demos at RMAF are superb. And better yet designer Andrew Jones has designed some amazing budget speakers for Pioneer.
Not real impressed with the local Nordstrom Rack selection but thanks for the other recommendations.
The Debut Carbon is a good table. Congrats!
Frank Sinatra, Nice and Easy Elvis Costello, Almost Blue
Baz Luhrman is an interesting director. I'm looking forward to seeing this. I really enjoyed Moulin Rouge and Australia.
Just bought a Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew for my wife. It's loaded. More luxuries than my Lexus. Very impressed with it so far.
I bought Kiton back when when it was in the $3-5K range and I really thought I was crazy for buying in at that price. Yet they are amazing suits and very comfortable and surprisingly durable. Lately I see prices at Neimans and my jaw drops to the floor. I guess it has become an ultra-luxury brand. If they can get it then so be it but I'm a bit priced out now.
New Posts  All Forums: