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Hah - all it takes is money...and if you want the LS or JG make ups, then unfortunately a little bit of time too.Regarding the break in question brokeassp posed earlier, I think it pays to break in shoes slowly - wear on carpet the first few times, for an hour or two. I also like to wear new shoes when i'm sitting down a lot, so they warm up and flex more easily when I walk. For me, it has nothing to do with returnability because, once they crease, they're yours (IMO).
Congrats! I've really enjoyed breaking mine in over the last few weeks. Couldn't wait to wear them outside.
Why not both?
Color 8 Plaza Last cap toe - first trip outside:
Started the day as usual: walking the hound. The color 8 Indys got the nod, along with my Made in Portland Smith & Bybee waxed canvas jacket:
I am so tempted, Alcibiades ...I have the color 4/black shell from J Gilbert, the color 8/suede from J Crew and a really nice vintage pair of saddles ... yet I am still tempted.
they look great! and pic provides context.
Top notch, Don ... top notch.
Same here sazon. Gives my C width lowish arch feet a snug, comfortable fit.
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