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I am so tempted, Alcibiades ...I have the color 4/black shell from J Gilbert, the color 8/suede from J Crew and a really nice vintage pair of saddles ... yet I am still tempted.
they look great! and pic provides context.
Top notch, Don ... top notch.
Same here sazon. Gives my C width lowish arch feet a snug, comfortable fit.
Congrats tifosi! They look great. How do they fit? I've had mine for a month or so, and they are probably my best fitting shoe/boot. If I was traveling to Europe for a month and could only take one pair of shoes/boots (to walk6-7 hours a day through museums and over cobble stone streets), it would be my color 8 Indys.
Hah! So it WAS just a flesh wound, sazon. Great job! Those donuts were worth it after all.
Barbour has several jackets that it specifically advertises as Made in England. They definitely don't go out of their way to divulge where their other jackets and apparel are made. Check out their website and you'll see what I mean. Quite a few of the wax jackets are NOT made in the UK.I think you can use the throne proof wax (the jacket will take the wax) but - have you ever tried to re-wax a jacket? Can be very time consuming and messy and often you don't hit every...
Thanks RTP! I'm so used to looking at Alden cordovan options that these are a true change of pace. Shined up really well too.
I love this comment. If C widths were readily available for all the Barrie and Trubalance make ups out there, I'd need a walk in closet just for my Aldens.
That's just mean!
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