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Love those. I've got two PTBs myself, whiskey and King -- love the simplicity of the look.
Gentlemen - great looking ravello!
Hah - "Frans" & "saddle" give a special ring on my phone!
good man! I didn't think I had a dog in the fight until that pick - my heart told me my team just lost. Solidarity in the Pacific Northwest. Happy for Brady though. And the rookie who made the play. Good luck with the saddles!
You cut through the chatter and got down to business - congratulations!
Great looking short wings Mike. I absolutely love mine!
They look great, Don. I'm on the list for these!
Thanks! By the way, I believe Frans sent my shoes via UPS. I just checked the box because I was thinking there might have been some hand off from a European delivery co. to UPS once it hit the US, but it appears it was UPS all the way.
Thanks C!My six year old son would like to think it stands for "Cookies Every Evening!"We live in Oregon, which just voted to legalize pot, so here it might soon stand for "Canabis Everywhere, Elrod!!"
Frankly I'm surprised they didn't get booed off the thread.
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