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Looks like Christmas in August around here - fresh Tankers & Longwings abound! I too received a package today - Alden DC Ravello LWBs. Brown definitely dominates in this batch of Ravello, red tones in repose. iPhone pics below, indoors to shade to sun, comparing the new Ravello with my 4 year old Cigars: (Can you tell which is which in this shot?)
Thanks - that NRO site feels like it's from another Century. I may call them.As for the LWBs, there was no unequivocal "but we can take care of it!" solution forthcoming so I opted for a refund.
Thanks Mike. Honestly it was also the width issue - I'd rather have a 10.5C, especially in a chukka. I suppose I could've bought & tried them. We'll see what happens with the D width Ravello longwings.NRO seems to have C width chukkas (1339 & 1340) on their site right now, which I'm really tempted to try. As far as I know, those are stock shoes, not normally available in C widths.Also, I fell victim to the "just didn't get made" scenario recently too - long wing #8 with...
I got on both those Alden DC lists several months ago and, when the call came for the chukkas (at least a month or two ago) I was driving in heavy traffic and -- obviously not thinking clearly -- declined based on the price and generally not feeling any love for chukkas (so whomever got the 10.5D -- you're welcome). Thankfully, I came to my senses and went ahead with the Ravello LWB order, which is due to arrive TOMORROW.
Mike, there's "the shell club," then there's "The Alden Nuclear Shell Club," of which only you and a few others are permanent members, is that correct?
I ordered a jacket from them earlier this year and have been quite pleased - the detail work is outstanding. And to tie this into the thread -- the jacket goes well with all my Alden shell!
Having had the opportunity to see several Rancourt models in person at Winn Perry, I'll definitely be back there in the coming months for a pair of loafers, and maybe a pair of Rangers.
I've been looking for a casual wingtip and these fit the bill - Rancourt x Winn Perry Natural Chromexcel Short Wing featuring a handmade Lactae Hevea 'Cricket' lug sole -
it is indeed wider than the Barrie but it is a great looking boot in person - especially nice profile.
All three are size 10.5 and all three fit great. The 2045 has a taller toe box so it feels slightly more roomy than the 2030.The Barrie has a slightly wider heel than the Vibergs and the 2030 toe box definitely slopes down.
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