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C'mon people, they're about a step and a half removed from being brand new
Just thought I'd revive this thread to show you my pair of saddles from Barrie Ltd. Booters I have a shell cordovan LWB as well, stamped Made in USA. Not sure if they actually made the shoes (I'd guess no) or if they outsourced to somebody like Alden. I'm think I remember seeing at least one Barrie-labeled shoe marked "Made In England."
nice pair of shoes at a very good price
I have a pair of those color 8/snuff suede saddles too and I can confirm they're worth coveting (sorry, not trying to rub it in). I still remember randomly checking the JCrew site one day and - boom - there they were. Ordered them on the spot based on how great they looked in the photos. I think they were sold out a day or two later. It's one of the only 10D Barrie's I'm not getting rid of (along with my cigar LWBs and color 4/black shell saddles).
Sunday night purchase to Wednesday on the porch: that was exactly my scenario. It had me looking on their site again that evening!
B, I plan on getting year round use out of these. I'm still getting used to the look of the Grant last, but for the most part it's pretty cool. I just wish the commando was slightly beefier around the front part of the boot (or that the welt came a tiny bit further out from the shoe).
Congratulations! How long did it take for delivery? Any extra fees?Felt bad that I reported mine took 3 days without ANY hassles or extra fees, then at least one gentleman on the thread had his saddles stopped and/or hit with duty.
These look so good. I remember staring at that Leffot preorder offering, trying to decide between these and the Greenwich boots.
For your consideration: A gorgeous pair of Alden plain toe boots in tobacco oiled reverse chamois leather. Shaped over the Barrie last, size 10D. The Barrie last generally fits one half size large, compared to standard US sizing. Please know your size as I cannot accept returns. Features: 360 degree regular/flat welt with antique edging Plantation crepe sole Full leather linings Natural cork insole Full heel counters Steel shank through the arch for lasting comfort and...
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