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Yes indeed, those are nice!
Maybe not as dark as the current offering, but a great shoe nonetheless.
On a scale of one to ten those are a ten thousand.
You sound like a good person to buy shoes from!Really, I am somewhat the same: most of my shoes don't get a lot of miles. I have a color 8 plaza plain toe boot from almost two years ago and it's still basically new. Exceptions are my 990s, Roy boots and Quoddys - all three get the nod over the others in the stable on most days (further exceptions are two new acquisitions - 8 Indys and 8 Rangers - which have been getting daily wear since acquisition).
agreed. It's just about taking it easy and being careful with a $700 shoe/boot.
Kwhitelaw, I don't see an issue with having the J Crew PCT boot AND a plaza cap toe mostly because I have both boots. They feel and look so different. But if you throw in another PCT then I see why you might want to move one of them. Good luck with your decision.
Hah - all it takes is money...and if you want the LS or JG make ups, then unfortunately a little bit of time too.Regarding the break in question brokeassp posed earlier, I think it pays to break in shoes slowly - wear on carpet the first few times, for an hour or two. I also like to wear new shoes when i'm sitting down a lot, so they warm up and flex more easily when I walk. For me, it has nothing to do with returnability because, once they crease, they're yours (IMO).
Congrats! I've really enjoyed breaking mine in over the last few weeks. Couldn't wait to wear them outside.
Why not both?
Color 8 Plaza Last cap toe - first trip outside:
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