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Nice boots TacktileOne!And thanks for the kinds words regarding the "blotch" issue.
Thanks Namor. I would consider tifosi's idea, but won't do anything until I decide the keep or return issue.I have always kind of skipped over the posts discussing these "blotches" because I never had to deal with it -- guess I'll be doing some research on the subject this evening.
Gentlemen, thank you. My bias is: I'd rather pay $650-700 for a perfect pair than $399 for a pair with a visible issue on the vamp.I'd happily keep them if all I had to do was keep a little polish on the vamp. But if it lightens "disproportionately faster" than the blotch, then I would probably return them (and the seller does accept returns).Is it only going to get worse?Is this a keep or return situation?
Gentlemen, several of you have mentioned the eBay seller who has been been listing a sizable stock of brand new Aldens. I just received a pair from that seller: a Leather Soul Leydon last color 8 NST Saddle Blucher. Quite certain it's this one: http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/03/02/alden-shoes-nstsaddle-blucher-lsw/They are definitely "real" Alden shell cordovan shoes, definitely new and, frankly, show no sign of ever having been tried on.They didn't come with the...
Thanks Mr C. The photos on their website are not great, so it's always helpful to hear from someone who's seen their make ups in person.
Agreed! I hope Epaulet gets a restock of this amazing make up ..... soon!
Those look great, B!
Congratulations Sir. A smart pick up indeed.
Nice pick ups, Gentlemen!
Haha - maybe sazon is indirectly challenging your commitment! Make that ALL our commitment!
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