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Red Wing 8180:
Guys, anybody purchase the green, Kangatan 8180? I got a pair several months ago and am still formulating my opinion on them. Basically it's the same fit as an 875 so no complaints there. I'll post a few pics in the near future.
Very rarely. I'll use them if they get really wet or if I'm cleaning them.
PSA: in addition to the Roy Boot, Context has their Color 8 Tanker/NST boot with dark edging and commando sole in stock - looks like 10D only: http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/alden-shoes/alden-context-number-8-shell-cordovan-tanker-boot
I recently picked up a natty CXL LWB too, from Winn Perry: same antique edge but with commando sole and metal eyelets (painted brown). Absolutely love how natural chromexcel looks as a longwing: details of the shoe really pop.
I noticed Context has restocked their Roy Boot. Here's mine, which I purchased several years ago, fresh from a family hike this morning:
Congrats Mike! Gorgeous shoes! How are things in the Nation's Capitol?
Guys, the subject of international shipping has come up several times recently what, with all the amazing make ups at overseas shops. Here's the form - "Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products" - Frans included with my saddles, when they were shipped to me "Back in the USA:" I'm assuming this is what prevents additional entry fees/duty. Probably a standard form they always use - shoes were shipped in late November/early December 2014 but the form is...
That's awesome! I am on my 4th or 5th(?) pair and counting, including a pair of casual chukkas. The sheer range of options can be a bit overwhelming when you shop their site. But it's well worth it. Good luck on your new pairs!
Guys - this thread needs more photos. Here's my Russell Mocs after a nice rainy, muddy hike with my dog:
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