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^agreed. Outstanding!
this is okay with me, so long as you're protecting your hands with a pair of cordovan gloves.
Good plan Gentlemen. I have my color 8 Indys teed up for the upcoming rainy season that people here in the Pacific Northwest like to call "winter."
Nice look, crosswound.
That's exactly what I've been thinking:
Good evening Gents - Very interesting discussion earlier today.I've noticed a huge difference in "sheen" among my Alden shell acquisitions: black Leffot Naval boots being the shiniest, and my cigar LWBs being the most "matt" or non-shiny. Some pairs really respond to brushing (my color 8 Rangers, color 8 Indys and especially the Naval boots) while others less so (990s, cigar LWBs - neither looks a whole lot different after brushing).
Thanks B. Is that something that Alden actually does itself, or does Horween dye to Alden's specifications?
NAMOR, does Carmina use Horween shell? If so, is it produced to different specifications than other shoe makers?
Thanks for the heads up. Love that snuff suede/red brick sole combo.It looks like they also have a reverse chamois PTB (which I believe they have stocked in years past).
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