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Mike - this one
Guys, is this whiskey shell boot happening? Have the specs been finalized?
Busy Man! Where were you overseas?You will love those natural chromexcel LWBs. They look so good.Care: I personally use Saphir Renovateur on shell and Cxl leather every once in a while and that's it. I do lightly brush them almost every time I wear them with a brush that has never seen polish.Recently I got a bottle of Alden Leather Defender, which is strongly recommended for shell, and apparently Cxl leather too. I applied it to these natty CXL LWBs before I wore them...
Gentlemen - anybody know if that unlined natty CXL chukka has been done before? If so, any pics? That sounds like it could be a very interesting make up.Thanks for posting Steel!
Thanks RTP. Here's a photo:
They look great! 405s?
Red Wing 8180:
Guys, anybody purchase the green, Kangatan 8180? I got a pair several months ago and am still formulating my opinion on them. Basically it's the same fit as an 875 so no complaints there. I'll post a few pics in the near future.
Very rarely. I'll use them if they get really wet or if I'm cleaning them.
PSA: in addition to the Roy Boot, Context has their Color 8 Tanker/NST boot with dark edging and commando sole in stock - looks like 10D only: http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/alden-shoes/alden-context-number-8-shell-cordovan-tanker-boot
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