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Thanks RTP! I'm so used to looking at Alden cordovan options that these are a true change of pace. Shined up really well too.
I love this comment. If C widths were readily available for all the Barrie and Trubalance make ups out there, I'd need a walk in closet just for my Aldens.
That's just mean!
Thanks! They're size 11 and feel like they're almost exactly midway between a 10D and 10.5D Barrie last PTB. The heels have almost no wear and the soles look great. I feel very good about them - much better than paying $650 for resale Aldens in cigar or ravello. That whole situation got me looking in a new direction for "brown" shoes.
My first pair of C&Js arrived this afternoon. Gave them a quick wipe down and six minutes of brushing for each shoe:
^agreed. Outstanding!
this is okay with me, so long as you're protecting your hands with a pair of cordovan gloves.
Good plan Gentlemen. I have my color 8 Indys teed up for the upcoming rainy season that people here in the Pacific Northwest like to call "winter."
Nice look, crosswound.
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