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Peter, I ran into this issue a couple of months ago and opted to contact Alden about it. I sent them pictures of the blotches and asked what they were and whether anything could be done to 'fix' them. Alden sent me a mailing container, re-dyed the shoes and got them back to me in less than three weeks. They look much better now. I have some before/after pics that I will post in a day or two.
I tried this method and it works fairly well, although the toe room isn't ideal. I'm surprised Alden doesn't make the two eyelet chukka in narrower widths as a standard offering, as it does with other stock models (975, 990, etc).
So nice ....
tifosi - in case you haven't seen it, there's also a winged boot at Alden NYC (style 4461) - http://www.aldenmadison.com/SHELL3.html
Thanks - I've been looking at these for a while -Alden NYC:Cordovan Algonquin BlucherMoulded:Burnished Calfskin BootBrown CXL PCT BootBrown Suede Plain Toe BootNatural CXL Indy BootBrown CXL IndysMight start with the Algonquin in shell and see what happens.
Very nice. I really want to try the modified last - just need to narrow down the choices to a particular shoe or boot.
Congrats Don, that is a great club to join. What is your plan for wearing them -- suits? casual wear?
GooseG, as you're buffing and brushing all your shell, you'll be wondering what you used to do with all your free time.
Weird ... mine too. The right doesn't stay completely straight, but it's the left that really slides sideways.
Katch, I've gotten several pairs of vintage shell shoes for well under $200 and they were all in good shape, so it is possible to luck out. Hope it works out for you.
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