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A little more info on Waxed Flesh from the Horween site: http://horween.com/101/the-leather-that-has-3-names/ I have a waxed flesh Quoddy Maliseet Oxford - great shoe. Love the leather. I apply a little saphir renovateur from time to time which keeps the waxed flesh conditioned.
Szerwo, nice pick up. I've been thinking about this makeup for quite a while now. How is that leather sole treating you? Is it comfortable to walk in? Is there a break in process or was it comfortable out of the box?
Nixda - those look fantastic. Congrats. Great to hear they are comfortable. Is that suede or rough out CXL? Curious about the dark spots - what caused them? They look fine -- and convey a broken in look to the boot -- but have you ever tried/ had any success cleaning those off? I have Quoddy and Yuketen suede shoes that are 4-5 years old, get tons of wear but haven't developed dark spots that I've seen in several Viberg boot pics.
A+++++I pre-ordered these too, and for the first time got a C width. I'm finding that the narrower toe box, flat welt and toe stitching make the Barrie Tanker look SO different from say, a D width Barrie LWB.
so intrigued by the modified last ...these look great!
Nice! I ordered a pair of these over the Summer (same time as I preordered the tankers, which arrived Dec 30th) but haven't heard from Leffot yet. Which preorder were these from?
It's not a store I visit often, and I don't remember the SAs being especially good or bad - I look on my own and want them out of my way. I do remember a slightly shorter length toggle coat from Gloverall that was gorgeous and later checked online to find the Stollery sale price was definitely a legit sale price. When I got back to the US I couldn't find the coat anywhere - that particular coat wasn't available via the Internet outside the UK. I have no idea about...
Regarding the color 8 "splotch" or "blotch" pics I posted earlier -- The blotches were barely visible -- but visible -- under normal light. Using flash photgraphy or under close inspection, you could definitely see the blotches. I feel like it was a pretty major flaw. From what I was told on this thread, the blotches would likely become more visible as the color 8 cordovan went through it's normal aging/lightening process. Alden never offered an explanation, only a...
Peter - as I said yesterday, I had this "blotch" issue come up a few months ago on a pair of color 8 NSTs. I emailed Alden about the issue, sent them pictures, and they sent me a mailer so I could return them to Alden for "repair." Alden "fixed" the problem to my satisfaction - for all practical purposes, you cannot see the blotches anymore. The shoes are now a very dark version of color 8.Before pics (taken with flash, which really makes the flaws show up):After (sorry...
Last year the Stollerys at Yonge & Bloor had racks and racks of Barbour. Gloverall too. Glad to see they're still in business and carrying such great merchandise.
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