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i checked their site the day they sent the email blast and only size 10 was available.
I like my 8180. I just wish they'd stop trying to compare these two boots.
It's actually green leather. It's loosely based on a boot they did in the 1960s for Ted Williams. Honestly it bears NO resemblance to that boot, which was a hunting style boot with a dark sole and made with actual Kangatan Kangagroo leather.This boot is exactly like their other recent Moc toe style boots. It's NICE but considering all the marketing hype over it, I was a bit non-plused when it arrived. The leather is so so - it's "painted green" leather. I have a...
I'm slowly changing all my Barrie last footwear to 10.5C - a better fit for me.
Yup - great detail stitching on the 975. I'm planning to pick up a new 975 in the very near future.
Looking good! Love those chukkas! Congrats.
Great looking boots!Your Natty CXLs have hand stitched moc toes, correct? It sure looks different than the toe of the Leffot pre-order Indy.
Guys - anybody purchase this chukka in the past? If so, thoughts on the "unlined" & single flex sole combo? Any pics? Thanks!
Mike - this one
Guys, is this whiskey shell boot happening? Have the specs been finalized?
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