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My preference would be to have all those fine pairs of shoes, my friend
Good afternoon Gentlemen: For those interested, I posted some comparison pics of my new Viberg 2030 last boots and Alden Trubalance, Barrie & Plaza last boots: http://www.styleforum.net/t/224463/viberg-boots/3000#post_6935532
Look'n good!
So far I really like my 2030 last boots. When I look down at my feet, the 2030 definitely has some angles & curves - especially from the ball of the foot to the end of the toe. But my eye tells me it looks wider (especially in the ball area) than my Barrie last boots - like, if it was a Barrie last boot too, that it's the next size up.
I think the plaza last boot is more chiseled for sure. I like it because it's different from my Barrie boots. To me it looks a bit more ... modern? But I'm not sure I'd say it's more/less dressy than the Naval Boot in the pics I posted. I like how it looks with jeans. I also have a plain toe plaza last boot from J. Gilbert with Commando sole that for reason looks more rounded than this Leather Soul plaza boot. It's due to the shape of the sole.EDIT: pics of the JG...
Hey Guys - FWIW I just received my Viberg Boondockers on the 2030 last from Leffot. I ordered 10.5, same size as my Alden Barrie & Trubalance last boots. Plenty of toe room but the fit is good. Personally, given the vertical taper of the toe box, I wouldn't go shorter. Hopefully what others have said regarding the 2030 & 2045 lasts is correct ('despite the shape differences you should be able to wear the same size in those two lasts'). Here are some photo comparisons...
Picked up the natty CXL rough out Boondockers from Leffot. 2030 Last. Here some pics, including comparisons to Alden. Viberg 2030 last, size 10.5 v. Alden Barrie last, size 10.5D: Prominent heel on the Viberg Viberg 2030 last, size 10.5 v.. Alden Trubalance last, size 10.5D: Viberg 2030 last, size 10.5 v Alden Plaza last, size 11D: The Viberg has a thick leather sole & the CXL leather is quite thick too. It's a stiff-fitting boot so far. There is...
Nice boot Teger. i'm waiting on two pairs of Vibergs to arrive (Leffot/roughout and styleforum/waxed flesh).Are they comfortable?
Just placed my order! Went with 10.5 - same size as my Barrie and Trubalance boots. Hopefully that's the right decision. I also ordered the Viberg natty CXL rough out Boondockers from Leffot last week ( http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/viberg/boondocker-boot-natural-aniline.html ), and was hoping to receive and try those on before placing this order. Even though the Leffot boot is on the 2030 last, I thought it would provide some comfort regarding sizing for...
Stopped by the other day but WP wasn't open yet:
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