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Weird ... mine too. The right doesn't stay completely straight, but it's the left that really slides sideways.
Katch, I've gotten several pairs of vintage shell shoes for well under $200 and they were all in good shape, so it is possible to luck out. Hope it works out for you.
What a great solution to a small but annoying problem. Well done Sir.
Nice pick up. Are the Indys a Modified last as well? I've seen them on the Moulded Shoe website and thought about giving them a try.
RTP, I asked a couple of their distributors and they said it wasn't possible. However, as an FYI, Rancourt said they WOULD make the heel area narrower and leave the rest of the shoe a regular D width - they just want confirmation on your foot size/width.
RTP! That combo sizing always makes me think of the possibility of modifying the heel width in the Barrie - a "D width" shoe which is an A/D for example, instead of the standard B/D. But based on several inquiries, it Alden appears won't make an A/D, which makes me wonder why they bother specifiying the combo sizing in the first place.
Yes indeed, those are nice!
Maybe not as dark as the current offering, but a great shoe nonetheless.
On a scale of one to ten those are a ten thousand.
You sound like a good person to buy shoes from!Really, I am somewhat the same: most of my shoes don't get a lot of miles. I have a color 8 plaza plain toe boot from almost two years ago and it's still basically new. Exceptions are my 990s, Roy boots and Quoddys - all three get the nod over the others in the stable on most days (further exceptions are two new acquisitions - 8 Indys and 8 Rangers - which have been getting daily wear since acquisition).
New Posts  All Forums: