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Color 8 cap toe plaza boots
There's always the bay. I posted multiple Aldens recently here, too, but I SOLD them on eBay. That was bit of a surprise as I assumed the opposite would be true, especially for high quality footwear that's popular on Styleforum. Only sale I made here was for a very good "SF discount"-type deal. Of course with ebay you must be willing to endure the inevitable $100 and $200 low ball offers for your $600 Giannis.
I have this exact shoe, and it's as old as you say. It's been quite a while since I wore it -- just sitting in its original box in the closet -- but I may need to polish it up and take it for a spin in the near future.
Imagine how tight the pants are of the guys whose pants look narrow in these types of photos!
How can you let these go?? I have a pair too and it's such a great boot - not easy to find, either. Won't you be sorry once these are gone??
Nice looking pair of cigar longwings. There MUST be a 10D out there looking for a pair like this!
Appreciate the pics Mike.Somebody mentioned yesterday that the Grant Boot looks like the Crockett & Jones for RL Gianni.For shape/size comparison:First pic is Gianni (325 last, 11D) v. Indy (Trubalance, 10.5D); Second pic is Gianni v. Grant Cap Toe (11D):
Nice tassels RTP. I finally broke down and got my first pair of tassels ever - went with C&J because they supposedly provide a narrower fit. And they do! All that's left to do now is actually wear them!
Fun to see a game while you're there but don't you guys have your own teams: Sharks, Rangers? Both contenders!
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