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Congrats! I picked up the pair on the left along with a pair of Chups that was on sale. Now you have me thinking I need to go back tomorrow!
Thanks. All things consdered it's a pretty awesome saddle make up. Frans Boone got these to my door step in less than three days.
I know, I know. I guess I've been on this thread long enough that I figured somebody would post the "can't purchase a crepe sole" comment sooner or later. In this case sooner.
Hey Gents, here's a couple of photos of my winterized saddles from Frans Boone: Barrie last, reverse chamois & suede, brass eyelets, crepe sole
I got the email today too. Figured it had to be close, given the fact that another non-shell preorder (from a different retailer) came through for me at the beginning of the week. Happy Friday to all!!
I was interested as well but didn't make a purchase. The makeup looks really interesting - natural edge, reverse welt, unlined alpine grain. Maybe next time.
Gents, I took a pass on all the pre-order options yesterday. However I've picked up several nice pairs of boots and shoes recently, which made it easier to say no (for now) to the color 8 natural edge long wing, etc. However I did go in on the Leffot pre-order for the reverse chamois Greenwich boot several months ago. Still waiting. Anyone out there receive their shoe/boot from that preorder? I think Leffot offered a chamois LWB, CXL LWB and a natty CXL Indy(?) in...
I like that 90! With my most recent acquisitions it's been different - out there on day one. Mostly on office carpeting, but they're getting wear.
This is in honor of whomever got in on the 8 unlined dover pre-order today. I've had these since summer '14, and they'll be getting eased into the regular rotation shortly.
Gorgeous Boots RTP!
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